Enjoy Simple English 2018/10/25 L19 Trinidad and Tobago 4/26 再放送

Hi, everyone. I am Trinidad.
And I’m Tobago. We are two islands that make one country called the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
island 島 [áilənd] アイランド
You can find us in the southern part of the Caribbean near Venexuela.
We are only a little bit larger than Chiba Prefecture.
Our national language is English, and the population is about 1.3 million.
Oh, have you heard about our very big festival held every year in our capital, Port of Spain?
held, hold 開催する
It’s a festival for our famous musical instrument, the steel pan.
楽器、 steel 鋼鉄
A steel pan is made from a big steel can.
be made from 原料から
Usually, a drum has a flap top, right?
But a steel pan doesn’t have a flat top. It looks like a bowl.
You hit different places in the bowl, and it makes different sounds.
Isn’t it cool?
People often tell us that a steel pan has a very sweet and beautiful sound.
Steel pans also have an interesting history.
In the fifteenth century, Christopher Columbus reached Trinidad, and Spain took control of this island for about 300 years.
クリストファー・コロンブスが着いた reach = arrive at = get to, took control (take control)支配した
After that, many countries ruled this area.
その後、ruled 支配した
In the eighteenth century, they brought African people as slaves to this island.
奴隷として、 brought (bring) 連れてきた
The slaves used to play their African drums to wash away their pain and sadness.
used to - 以前は〜していた。 wash away –  押し流す、取り除く
They finally became free in 1834.
They continued to play their drums.
But some people thought they were too noisy.
thought (think)思った。too あまりにも〜すぎる
So one day, they were ordered not to play their drums anymore.
order 命令する
But they used music and rhythm to express their culture.
They needed an instrument.
So they made a new instrument from bamboo that grew this island.
They called it tamboo-bamboo. The bamboo was cut into different sizes to make different sounds.
But it became against the law, too.
You know the phrase, You can’t live without music, right?
Music cleans away our negative feelings and brightens up our positive feelings.
Music is like food for our souls.
food 必要なもの、心の糧、 魂の糧
The people couldn’t play their drums or their new instruments. So they started hitting things like biscut cans to make music.
Then, in 1039, a boy called Winston Simmon made a big discovery.
He was fixing old steel cans, and he found that hitting different damaged places made different sounds.
スチール缶を修理していた。 違った傷の場所を叩くと違った音がする
The original steel pan was born through luck.
幸運から生まれた、 偶然できた
Later, many people made improvements, and the steel pan got better and better.
When you hear more than 100 steel pans played together, you hear waves of sounds.
It may sound like heaven getting larger and larger.
The steel pan was made because the people of Trinidad and Tobago needed to express themselves.
It comes from our people’s soul.
There’s no life without music.
People living here today enjoy playing the steel pans.
Come and listen to us someday.

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