Enjoy Simple English 2018/10/26 L20 Run,Melos! E4 4/27 再放送

Melos pushed people walking along the road and ran like a black wind.
 道路を歩いている人を押しのけて , like ように, black wind 黒風、つむじかぜ
He ran across fields, jumped over streams and ran ten times faster than the sinking sun.
stream 小川, ten times 10倍,sinking sun 沈む太陽
Then Melos heard a group of travelers talking.
heard 人 -ing 人が話すのを聞く
I am sure that man is already on the cross.
It made Melos run even faster.
 make -を〜させる。 それがメロスをさらに速く走らせた
His clothes were almost gone.
He could not breathe.
He coughed up blood more than once.
cough up blood 血を吐く 、 more than once一度以上
Then, far away, Melos saw the castle tower.
 far away はるか遠くに、天守閣
He was almost there.
Just then, someone came up to him. Mr. Melos,
come up to - 近づく
I work for your friend, Selinuntius.
What is it?
You must stop running.
It is impossible to save him now.
No. the sun is still in the sky.
But you must think of your own life.
My life is not important. I made a promise that I would come back.
Selinuntius said the same thing. After they took him to the killing ground, the king made fun of my Master.
 人を殺す戦場、おぞましい戦場 make fun of - からかう
But he said, Melos will come.
That is why I have to run.
He believes in me.
I may be too late, but that is not important anymore.
I am running to protect something much bigger.
Mr. Melos, I don’t understand what you are talking about.
But if you have to run, run.
Just as the sun was about to sink,
be about to –  今まさに〜しつつある
Melos reached the killing ground.
He made it.
But then, he saw soldiers tying Selinuntius to the cross.
 兵士が結びつけるを見た。 tie
He gathered his last strength and ran through the crowd.
gather 集める , strength 力、strongの名詞形
Wait, you must not kill him. I am back. I am here. Melos run up to Selinuntius and held onto his feet.
run up to – 駆け寄る hold onto - 〜を掴んで離さない
The crowd cheered.
Selinuntius was freed. Melos said with tears in his eyes.
目に涙を浮かべて、 with 付帯状況、 with your mouth full 口をいっぱいにして
Hit me, Selinuntius. Just once, I had a bad dream.
If you don’t hit me, I won’t have the right to be your friend.
have the right to - 権利がない、資格がない
Selinuntius understood everything. He hit Melos so hard that the sound echoed everywhere.
Then, he smiled and said.
Now, it is your turn to hit me.
I too had a time I could not believe in you.
It was only once, but it was the first time in my life not to believe in you. you have to hit me, too.
believe in you あなたを信じる
Melos hit his friend’s cheek, and then they hugged each other.
Thank you, my friend.
The king was watching from behind the crowd. He came up and spoke to them.
You have taught me a lesson.
Both of you have shown me people can trust each other.
Could you be my friends?
The crowd cheered noisily. Then, a girl came up to Melos with a red cape.
with 〜を持って、 cape ケープ円形の袖なし外衣
Melos didn’t understand, so Selinuntius said.
Melos, you are not wearing any clothes.
This lovely girl doesn’t want other people to see your body.
The strong Melos’s face became red.

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