Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/12 Shirakawa-go
5/14 A&B Shirakawa-go 白川郷
won the first place 一位をとった。(win)
hot pot 煮込み鍋
be made from - (材料)〜作られた
soy bean 大豆。
soy sauce しょう油
that’s why – そういうわけで〜
just because – 〜だからと言って
mad at – 〜に頭にきて
still まだ
pick – up 〜を途中で乗せる。拾う
World Heritage Site 世界遺産
wake you up あなたを起こす
make the decision(それを)決定する
pray 祈る
steep 急こう配な
keep – off …(雨、雪)が…に積もらないようにする
Aha! ははーん!さては!
interested 興味がある
the whole village 村全体
view 景色、眺め
architect 建築家
not – at all 全く〜でない
very Japanese とても日本的な

So this suttate-nabe is the best in Japan?
Well, it won the first place in the 2014 nabe competition.
I didn’t even know there was a hot pot competition. So, what’s so special about this hot pot?
The soup is made from soy beans. It’s mixed with miso and soy sauce.
Mmm, that’s why it tastes so good. But just because you’re buying me this great lunch, it doesn’t mean I’m not mad at you anymore.
You are still mad?
Of course. We were going to Nagoya.
How many times do I have to explain? The driver that picked up us when we were hitchhiking told us to come here because it’s a World Heritage Site. He was so kind to us.
I couldn’t say no.
Then, why didn’t you talk to me before telling him yes?
I tried to, but you were sleeping in the back seat. I didn’t want to wake you up.
I don’t think so. You didn’t wake me up because you wanted to make the decision yourself.
Akito. Don’t be so mad.
I’m Ben. Right now, Akito and I are in Shirakawa-go. Akito is angry because we didn’t go to Nagoya, but I really wanted to come here. We are now eating a local hot pot.
So, what are we going to do after we eat?
We’re going to the village with the gassho-style houses.
Do you even know what gassho means?
No. Can you tell me?
Well, when Japanese people pray, they put their hands together. This gesture is called gassho.
A gassho-style house has a roof that looks like two hands put together.
I see. But why did they make the roofs so steep?
Because in winter, there’s lots of heavy snow here. The gassho shape keeps the snow off the roofs.
Wow. You know a lot.
I think most Japanese people know this.
Really? Hey. What’s that book in your back?
This. Nothing.
Let me see it.
Hey. Ben. Don’t touch my bag.
It’s a book on shirakawa-go. Aha! You wanted to come here, too.
Maybe I was a little interested.
After eating, Akito and I go to another restaurant. From here, we can see the whole village.
What a great view!
Your guidebook says a man from a Germany first told the world about Shirakawa-go.
I know. I read that already. His name was Bruno Taut, and he was an architect.
Mr. Taut said this area doesn’t look like Japan at all. I agree with him.
What do you mean? I think Shirakawa-go is very Japanese.
Well, it doesn’t look like the other Japanese villages I’ve seen before.
You may be right.
So are you still mad?
Mad? At what?
Oh, nothing.
Akito never stays angry for long. He is a great guy.



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