Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/13 Sleepy Taro who slept three year
5/15 Sleepy Taro who slept three year 三年寝太郎

once upon a time むかしむかし
on a farm 農場・農家で
died 死んだ (die)
for days and days 来る日も来る日も
keep on -ing 〜し続ける
He would not wake up. 彼はどうしても起きようとしなかった。
noise 音、騒音
continue to do し続ける
woke up 目を覚ました。 (wake)
grass 草、芝
dug up – , 〜を掘り起こした (dig)
rice plant 稲
shovel 鍬、シャベル
shoulder 肩
waterway 用水路
I’m building a waterway! 水路を造るんだ!
a single – たった1本の〜
one after another 相次いで、続々と
The sun started setting. 日が沈み始めた。
at last ついに
rice field 田んぼ
lived happily ever after いつまでも幸せに暮らしましたとさ

Once upon a time, a poor woman and her son lived on a farm. Her son’s name was Taro. They worked hard, but they didn’t have much food. There was never enough rain in that area.
One year, there was almost no rain, so they had almost no food. Taro’s mother worked harder and harder. She worked too hard and died.
Taro, now alone, was so sad that he cried 24 hours a day for days and days. Then, Taro finally fell asleep.
Taro kept on sleeping. He slept and slept. His friends worried about him. They came to see him, but he was always asleep. They sometimes brought him food, but he ate it without waking up.
The village leaders came to Taro’s house and talked to him, but he would not wake up. Some children made a lot of noise to wake him up, but he continued to sleep.
After three years, the fields of Taro’s farm didn’t look like a farm. The fields were full of grass that was as tall as a man.
Then, early one morning, Taro suddenly woke up.
I have a good idea.
He went out into the fields.
He cut down the grass, and then dug up the fields. The people saw him and were amazed.
Sleepy Taro isn’t sleeping.
Now the fields were ready for new rice plants. But there was still not much rain in the area.
Taro started to walk towards the river with his shovel over his shoulder. One of the men from the village asked him, Hey, what will you do at the river?
Taro answered, I’m building a waterway.
The river is too far. You’ll never be able to dig a waterway with a single shovel.
Everyone laughed. But Taro kept walking to the river.
Some children heard about Taro’s plan.
I’ll help Taro. The children followed Taro one after another. They all walked and walked, and they came to the river.
Taro started digging with his shovel. He dug and dug, and the children dug hard too.
The parents of the children were worried, so they went to find their children. The parents were very surprised. Taro and their children were working so hard. So they decided to help, too.
The sun started setting in the west. At last. The waterway reached the rice fields. The river water came through the waterway, and finally, the fields had enough water.
We’ve done it.
Everybody shouted and thanked Taro.
Since that day, even when there was not much rain, the fields had enough water. So they grew a lot of rice. The village became rich. Taro and the villagers lived happily ever after.



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