Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/14 The merry-go-round
5/15 ハラハラ・ドキドキ
roller coaster ジェットコースター
go on a ride 乗り物に乗る
amusement park 遊園地
scary ride(遊園地の怖い)乗り物
to be honest 正直なところ
not a big fan of – 〜が大好きというわけではない
feel sick 気持ち悪い
used to ride – a lot よく〜したものだ。
actually 実際には
I do as he says 彼が言ったようにする
wave back 手を振り返す
He makes me laugh. 彼は私を笑わせる
embarrassing 恥ずかしい
look for – 探す
finally 遂に、最後に
left without me 私無しで出発する
turn around 振り返る

Kohei, look at that roller coaster. It’s so fast. I’m just looking at it, and I’m afraid.
Hinano, your face just became really white. Are you okay?
Yeah. I’m fine.
Maybe coming to the amusement park wasn’t such a good idea.
No. I like amusement parks.
You do?
But we haven’t gone on any rides yet. And you are so scared.
I know. I have a good imagination. I look at a ride, and it feels like I’m on it. I just can’t stop imagining.
Well, there are no scary rides in that area over there. We should go check it out.
To be honest, I’m not a big fan of amusement parks. I’m afraid of roller coasters and other exciting rides. Kohei said he liked roller coasters, so I wanted to go on a ride with him. But if I do that, I might feel sick and cause him trouble. Oh, what should I do?
How about that ride?
You mean the merry-go-round?
Yeah. It’s not fast, and it’s safe.
Okay. We can go on that. When I was a child, I used to ride merry-go-rounds a lot.
But wait. Are you sure you want to ride one? Merry-go-rounds aren’t as exciting as roller coasters.
Actually, merry-go-rounds are very exciting. I promise you your heart will beat very quickly.
You are joking, right?
No, I’m not. Come on.
Excuse me. One ticket for the merry-go-round, please.
One ticket? What about you?
I’m not going on it. I’ll wait for you here.
What? Why?
You’ll see. Just go.
I do as he says and sit on one of the horses on the merry-go-round. The merry-go-round slowly starts to move. I can see Kohei waving his hand at me.
I wave back, but the merry-go-round speeds up, and he disappears. Then, I see hi again.
Hinano, look.
I look and see Kohei making a funny face. The next time I see him, he is jumping up and down and waving his hands. He makes me laugh.
How do you like it?
It’s fun but also a little embarrassing.
Kohei always does things to make me laugh. It makes me happy. I wonder what he’s going to do next. But then.
Kohei? Where are you?
Suddenly, Kohei is gone. Is this one of his tricks? I keep looking for him, but I don’t see him. Finally, the merry-go-round stops, and I quickly get off. But I still don’t see him. Maybe he didn’t want to wait and left without me. I suddenly feel like crying, and my heart is beating fast. And then.
When I turn aroud, I see Kohei holding two ice-cream cones.
So did you like the Kohei-style merry-go-round ride?
Yes. I loved it.



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