Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/16 The nose(2)
5/17 The Nose / Episode Two 鼻/第2話
make his long nose shorter 彼の長い鼻をもっと短くする
as soon as possible できるだけ
act like -, 〜のようにふるまう
he didn’t care 気にしなかった
instead そのかわり
hold 持つ、支える
It must be so difficult. とても大変に違いない
take care of - の世話をする
monk 僧侶
treatment 治療、手当て
let them try it , themはmonks 僧侶だちにそれをためしにさせる
boil ゆでる
step on it 鼻を踏みつける
hot water お湯
bucket バケツ
get burned やけどを負う
through the hole 穴を通して
dip – into ..(液体など)に〜を浸す
didn’t feel any pain 痛みを感じない
after a while しばらくして
itchy かゆい
flea のみ
bump こぶ、出っ張り
was lying down on the floor 床の上に横になる lying, lie
not – at all ぜんぜん〜でない
treated like a piece of meat 肉片のように扱われて
kept his mouth closed 口を閉じたままにする keep
operation 手術
took out 取り出した take out

When Naigu heard about this new way to make his long nose shorter, he wanted to try it as soon as possible. But he acted like he didn’t care. Instead, he started saying, I know it is hard for you to hold my nose every time I eat. It must be so difficult.
Naigu would also say, I am so sorry you have to take care of me and my nose.
Naigu was waiting for the young monks to make him try the treatment. The young monks knew this was Naigu’s plan, so they asked him again and again to let them try it. Finally, Naigu said yes.
The new way was quite simple. They had to boil the nose, and then step on it.
A young monk brought very hot water in a bucket. It was so hot that Naigu’s face might get burned from the heat. So they made a hole in a wooden tray and put it on top of the bucket. Naigu put his nose through the hole and dipped it into the very hot water.
Luckly, his nose didn’t feel any pain. After a while, a young monk said, I think it has boiled enough.
Naigu smiled secretly to himself when he heard this. No one would think they were boiling a nose. His nose didn’t hurt from the hot water, but it was very itchy. It was like a flea had bit him.
Then, the young monk started to step on the boiled nose. He used both of his feet. Naigu was lying down on the floor on his side. He watched the young monk’s feet move up and down, up and down. The young monk asked, sir, does it hurt? The doctor said I had to step on it very hard.
Naigu wanted to shake his head and say no. But it is difficult to shake your head when someone is stepping on your nose. So he said, No, it does not hurt. That was the truth. It didn’t hurt at all. Actually, it felt good because his nose was very itchy. The young monk continued to step on Naigu’s nose.
Then, small bumps appeared on Naigu’s nose. The young monk said, “Yes. The doctor said to take out those bumps.”
Naigu kept his mouth closed. He knew the young monk was doing everything to make his nose shorter for him. But still, it did not feel good to have his nose treated like a piece of meat. So Naigu acted like he was having an operation and watched the young monk take out the bumps.
The young monk then said, “The doctor said we have to boil the nose again.”
Naigu looked unhappy but agreed. They dipped the nose into the very hot water again and boiled it for a while. Then, when they took out the nose.



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