Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/19 Kurobe Dam
5/21 A&B Kurobe Dam 黒部ダム

trolley bus トロリーバス、無軌道電車
run on electricity(自動車・機械が)電気で動く
How long will it take - 〜するのにどのくらい時間がかかる
duo 2人組
headed to – 〜を目指して、〜に向かって (head)
eran 金を稼ぐ
I guess we can try まあ、やってみてもいいけどさ。
Come on. 冗談はきついよ。いい加減にしろ。反語的
I’m not sure if - 〜かどうか確信が持てない
create 作る、作り出す
large amounts of – 大量の〜
300 thousand 30万
hardworking 勤勉な
release 〜を放水する
speaking of water 水と言えば
Niagara Falls ナイアガラの滝
take out 取り出す
juggle ジャグリングする
next to - 〜のとなりで
view 景色、眺め
clapping 拍手
for some reason なぜか

This is called a trolley bus? It’s comfortable.
Yeah. It’s called a bus, and it looks like one, too. But it runs on electricity. In Japan, you can ride on a trolley bus only in this place.
Really? We’re lucky, then. So how long will it take until we arrive?
Well, this ride is ten minutes. Then, we take a ropeway for seven minutes, and then a cable car for five minutes.
Okay. So Ben, where exactly are we going?
To Kurobe Dam, of course.
I’m Akito. Ben and I are a street performance duo. Today, it seems we are headed to Kurobe Dam in Toyama Prefecture. I want to go to large cities to perform, but Ben wants to go to places with fewer people.
There will be many tourists at Kurobe Dam, so we’ll be able to earn lots of money.
You think so? People go to Kurobe to see the dam not street performers.
Oh, come on. Our performance is just as interesting as the dam.
I’m not sure if Ben is right, but I guess we can try.
I think we can walk to the dam from here.
Okay. I wonder why they made a dam so far up in the mountains.
Mountains are good for dams. You see, dams create more electricity when large amounts of water fall from a high place to a low place.
Ah, I see. So how much electricity can this dam create?
Well, it says here that Kurobe Dam can create electricity for more than 300 thousand families.
Wow. This dam is really hardworking. Hey, Ben, it says that the dam can release ten tons of water each second. That’s a lot of water.
It really is. Speaking of water, I think I can hear the sound of it. Let’s go.
We walk a little further, and we can see the dam. It is really big. And there’s lots and lots of water coming out of it.
Ah, it’s almost like Niagara Falls.
It is. And it’s so high.
Yeah. It’s 186 meters high.
And look at all those people.
Didn’t I tell you? many tourists come here. okay. Let’s do it.
Do what? Hey, Ben, what are you doing?
Ben takes out his juggling balls from his bag and starts to juggle.
Hello, everyone. I’m Ben, and this is Akito. Together, we are A and B. You can enjoy some fine entertainment and the amazing view.
Ben. We can’t perform here. people want to see the dam.
(Yeah, come on)
What? People want to see us?
Akito. Don’t just stand there. Come and join me.
I start juggling next to Ben. When we’re finished, Ben raps, and I dance. For some reason, performing feels a lot more fun that it did before.



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