Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/20 The Magical Listening Hood
5/22 The Magical Listening Hood 聞き耳頭巾

The Magical Listening Hood聞き耳ずきん
magical 魔法の
hood ずきん、フード
once upon a time むかしむかし
hardworking 働き者の、勤勉な
rock 岩、石
fox きつね
hurt 傷つける
ran away 逃げ出した (run)
the following evening 次の晩
dirty 汚い、汚れた
wear 身につける、着る
pick up – 〜を拾い上げる
put on 身に付ける、動作。  状態は wear着てる
heard 聞こえた。 (hear)自然と耳に入る
ready 食べ頃の
I’m going there tomorrow. 明日そこへ行くよ。
be careful of - に気をつける
take off -, 〜を脱ぐ
crow からす
fix – 〜を修理する
get well 元気になる
at once すぐに、直ちに
because of - 〜のせいで
be worried about -, 〜を心配する
climb up onto -, 〜の上によじ登る
make a hole in -, 〜に穴を開ける
You poor thing. おお、かわいそうに。
keep protecting 保護し続ける、守り続ける
in this way このようにして
lived happily ever after いつまでも幸せに暮らしましたとさ

Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a hardworking young man. Every day he worked in the fields from early in the morning until late in the evening.
One evening, the young man was walking home, and he saw some children throwing rocks at a baby fox. Stop that. Don’t hurt little animals.
The children ran away, and the man said to the little fox, are you okay? Don’t let children catch you again. The baby fox happily returned to the mountains.
The following evening, the young man was walking home. Suddenly, a fox and her baby jumped out from behind the tree. The mother fox put a dirty hood at the young man’s feet and said, Thank you for saving my baby yesterday. This is a present for you. If you wear this hood, you will understand what animals are saying. Then, the mother fox and her baby went away.
The young man didn’t understand what the fox said, but he picked up the hood and put it on. Suddenly, he heard voices above him.
The rice in that field is ready now.
Really? Then, I’m going there tomorrow for breakfast.
Be careful of that old woman. She’s dangerous.
The young man looked up and saw two birds in a tree. He could understand them. He took off the hood and looked at it. This is magic. Then, he saw two crows in a tree. He put on the hood and listened to them.
I haven’t seen you for a long time. Anything new in your village?
Oh, yes. the village leader’s daughter is sick. I heard that when they fixed the roof of their house, there was a snake inside. Now he can’t get out.
Really? So the daughter is sick because of the snake?
That’s right. If they save the snake, then the daughter will get well at once. But people don’t understand what animals are saying, so they don’t know why she is sick.
The young man was so surprised. He hurried to the village leader’s house. The young man told the village leader, I can help your sick daughter. The village leader was very worried about his daughter. So he let the young man climbed up onto the roof and make a hole in it. The young man found the snake. It was very weak.
You poor thing. You are going to be all right.
He gave the snake some water and put it in the garden.
Suddenly, the daughter sat up in bed. I feel much better, she said.
The village leader was so happy. He said to the young man, Young man, thank you for helping my daughter. You saved her life. I want you to keep protecting her. Won’t you please marry my daughter and become my son?
In this way, the young man married the village leader’s daughter the two of them lived happily ever after.



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