Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/22 Colombia
5/24 Colombia コロンビア

It takes 時間 to - 〜するのに時間がかかる。
used to do 昔、以前は-したものです。
fisherman 漁師、釣り人
coral 珊瑚
crowded (人、物で)いっぱいの、込み合った
Santa Cruz del Islote サンタクルス、デル、イスロテ
introduce myself 自己紹介する
the Republic of Colombiaコロンビア共和国
named after – 〜にちなんで名づけられて
49 million 4,900万
three times larger than 3倍多い
capital city 首都
Bogota ボゴタ
second largest 2番目に大きい
be knows as –  〜としてしれれている
the Athens of South America 南米のアテネ
anyway とにかく
four times more crowded than 〜よい4倍混んでいる
related 親戚の
lock 鍵をかける
electricity 電気
running water 水道水
island 島 アイランド
inconvenient 不便な
someday いつか

Hola! Hey there. A quick quiz. Do you know the name of this island? It takes two hours by boat to get there from the coast of Colombia. In the past, fishermen used to take breaks on this coral island, but no one lived there. Now it is the most crowded island in the world. Tick-tock, tick-tock.
The answer is Santa Cruz del Islote.
Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am the Republic of Colombia, and I am the country connecting Central America and South America. I am named after Christopher Columbus, you know. About 49 million people live here, and most speaks Spanish. I am about three times larger than Japan.
My capital city is Bogota, and it’s the second largest city in South America. It is also one of the highest capitals in the world. It’s at 2640 Meters. By the way, Tokyo is only 40 meters above the sea.
Did you know Bagota is also know as the Athens of South America? There are many universities and libraries there, and many important cultural events are held in Bagota.
Anyway, back to Santa Cruz del Islote. The island is very small. It’s about the size of a baseball field. There are about 1200 people living there, so it’s about four times more crowded than Manhattan. Can you imagine? But people love living on their island.
Most people on the island are related to each other. More than half of the people are children under 18 years old. There are about 100 houses, and most families have 10 to 20 family members, so the houses are crowded inside, too. But they live peaceful lives by helping each other.
They clean each other’s houses and look after each other’s babies. If a fight starts, people stop the fight with the words, We are family, you know.
Oh, and people don’t lock their homes. The houses are used like roads by people to get around the island. Interesting, right?
Also, there are only a few hours of electricity each day, with no gas or running water. So people use rainwater or wait for the Colombian Navy to bring fresh water to them.
There is one school, but there are no police. Students play soccer on the small open space in the main street of the island. It may sound inconvenient to you, but people are happy. Do you know why? That’s right. We are family, you know.
This island is only a small part of Colombia. There are many things to see, do and eat in my country. I hope to see you someday.



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