Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/23 The nose / Episode three

look into - 覗き込む
lips 唇
No one - 誰も〜ない
afraid 恐れた
all the time いつも
pray 祈る
whenever 〜する時はいつも
free from – 免れた
however しかし
even でさえ
monk 僧侶
heard him laughing 彼が笑うのを聞いた (hear)
rice porridge おかゆ
left でかけた、いなくなった (leave)
not only A but B AだけでなくBも
thought 思った (think)
must 違いない
different from 〜とは異なる、違う
during 〜の間
daily 日々の デイリー
like that そのように
Buddhist statue 仏像
thought back(過去の出来事を)思い出した
like のような
used to - 以前は〜だった
look back to- ~を回想する
the good old days 古き良き時代、日々
not – at all 全然〜ない
unfortunately 不運にも
wisdom 知恵、見識
opposite 反対の オポジット
in trouble 困っている
feel for for - をかわいそうに思う
get out of the trouble 難を逃れる、トラブル
feel unsatisfied 不満に感じる
at the same time 同時に
exaggerated 誇張された
they start to feel that person is their enemy人間はその人に対して敵意を抱くようになる

Naigu looked into a mirror. His long nose was shorter. Before, it came down to his chin. But now it was above his lips. No one would laugh at him anymore. Naigu smiled happily at the face in the mirror. The face smiled back.
But Naigu wasn’t completely happy. He was now afraid that it would get long again. So Naigu kept touching his nose all the time. He touched it when he was praying, when he was eating, and whenever he had time. But his nose stayed short. He became so happy. His long nose was finally short. Naigu felt like he was free from his problems.
After a few days, however, Naigu found a big surprise. When Naigu went outside, people now looked at him more than before. They looked at him with funny faces. When they talked with Naigu, they only looked at his short nose. Even the young monk who had dropped Naigu’s nose into the rice porridge bowl looked down to hide his smile. But the young monk couldn’t hide it very well, and Naigu heard him laughing. Other monks listened while Naigu talked, but they too would start to laugh after Naigu left. This happened not only once, but many times.
At first, Naigu thought it was because his face had changed. His nose was shorter, so it must look strange to them. But something was different. The way they laughed at him was different from when his nose was long. During his daily prayers, Naigu thought, I don’t understand. They didn’t laugh at me like that before.
Naigu looked at a picture of a Buddhist statue and thought long and hard. He thought back four or five days earlier when his nose was still long. Now he was like a poor person who used to be rich. He was sad looking back to the good old days. Naigu didn’t understand at all. Why were people laughing at him more now? Unfortunately, Naigu didn’t have the wisdom to understand.
People often have opposite feelings inside. If they see someone in trouble, they feel sorry for that person. But at the same time, if that person succeeds in getting out of the trouble and becomes happy, they feel unsatisfied. If we say it in an exaggerated way, people might want that person to become sad and in trouble again. And if that feeling gets bigger, they start to feel that person is their enemy. People are hard to understand sometimes. Naigu had felt this without understanding it. He had thought people would be happy because he was happy. But they weren’t.



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