Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/26 Sado Kinzan
5/28 A&B Sado Kinzan 佐渡金山
shaking 揺れている (shake)
boatman 船頭
take 連れて行く
shore 岸辺
paddle かい(櫂)でこぐ
washtub 洗いおけ、たらい
turn over - ひっくり返る
right now ちょうど今、nowの強め
take a ride on-(乗り物など)に乗る
worth 60 million yen 6千万円相当の
rush to -, 〜へ急ぐ
gold mine 金山
took 取った (take)
mining tunnel 鉱山トンネル
made by hand 手作りの
the Edo period 江戸時代
actual 実際の
dig 掘り返す
one hundred thousand 10万
bar of gold 金の延べ棒
take – out 〜を取り出す
Leave it to me! 僕に任せて!
pick – up 〜を拾い上げる
go get some ice cream 行ってアイスクリームを買おう go and get -.
leave をあとにする。残しておく。そのままの状態にしておく

Ben, don’t move. The taraibune is shaking. Excuse me. Please take us back to shore.
Already? But you just go on. Why don’t you try paddling the boat?
No. That’s okay.
I want to try it.
Don’t stand up so suddenly, Ben. We are all going to fall in the water.
Don’t worry. This washtub-boat doesn’t turn over easily.
I’m Ben. Today, Akito and I are at Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture. Right now, we are taking a ride on the famous taraibune. Later, we are going to see the Sado Kinzan Gold Mine.
I hear there’s a large piece of gold worth 60 million yen somewhere on this island.
60 million yen? Wow.
After hearing this, Akito and I rush to the gold mine.
That’s Doyu-no-Wareto rock. It’s the symbol of Sado Kinzan.
It looks like someone cut out the middle.
Yeah. It became like that because they took too much gold from the top part.
Ah, I see. Akito, it says there are two mining tunnels.
You’re right. One was made by hand during the Edo period.
What about the other tunnel?
It was made during the Meiji period.
Inside, you can see the actual machines that people used to dig for gold.
We go into the Edo period tunnel. It is cold. There are dolls placed inside, so we can see how people worked. In the Meiji period tunnel, we can see how the gold was carried out of the mountain.
I heard that this gold mine was used for 388 years. Seventy-eight tons of gold was found.
Uh-huh. At one time, around one hundred thousand people from around the country lived here.
It was a Japanese gold rush.
That’s right. This mine was used until 1989. That’s only about 30 years ago.
That’s unbelievable. So where can we find that large piece of gold the woman spoke about?
You know, I think she was just joking.
Oh, really? I wanted to find it.
Next, we go to a nearby museum. I was a little sad about the piece of gold, but…
Hey, Ben. Look.
I look over and see a large bar of gold. It is inside a clear case with a hole in the middle.
You can try to take it out through that hole.
Leave it to me.
I try and try, but the bar of gold is very heavy, and the hole is too small for my large hand. I can pick it up, but I can’t bring it through the hole.
I give up. This is too difficult.
Ben, this is just for fun. Let’s go get some ice cream instead. It’s very special.
We leave the bar of gold and go to the museum store to buy ice cream.
This ice cream has gold flakes on it.
Ben, I’m glad you finally got your gold.



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