Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/27 The Straw Millionaire
5/29 The Straw Millionaire わらしべ長者

straw 麦わら
millionaire 百万長者、大富豪
once upon a time むかしむかし
There was nothing in the house but some straw. 家の中には麦わら以外に何もなかった。 but 以外
take it with me それを持って行く
It is all I have. 私が持っているのはこれだけだ。
bottom of a mountain 山のふもと
charcoal 木炭
tie up – , 〜を固く縛る。縛り上げる
pay 〜に支払う
for free ただで、無料で
walk away 歩き去る
blacksmith 鍛冶屋
sword 刀
keep my fire going 火を絶やさないようにする
short sword 短刀
main sword 太刀
be impressed 感動する
battle 戦
wrote a letter 手紙を書いた (write a letter)
master 主人、家長
took care of –  世話をした (take care of)
in this way このようにして
die 死ぬ
continue to – 〜し続ける
Once upon a time, there lived a poor young man. Both his mother and father died, and so he was alone. I think I will go and start a new life. There was nothing in the house but some straw. It is only straw, but I have to take it with me. It is all I have.
The young man started walking along a road at the bottom of a mountain. Then, he saw a man making charcoal.
The man said, Could I buy that straw? I need some straw to tie up my charcoal.
The young man said, Sure, but you don’t have to pay me. You can have my straw.
Then, the man said, No, no. I can’t have it for free. Please take some charcoal.
Okay, thank you very much.
So the young man took some charcoal and walked away.
After a while, he saw a blacksmith making swords.
The blacksmith said, Hey, Is that charcoal?
Yes, it is.
Could I buy it? I’m making a sword, It’s almost finished now, but I need a little more charcoal to keep my fire going.
The young man gave the charcoal to the blacksmith and said, Sure, you can have it for free.
The blacksmith was happy and said, Thank you. If you don’t want any money, you can have a sword. Take any one you like.
Thank you very much. I’ll have this one.
The young man took a short sword and started walking again.
After a while, he met a samurai on a horse. The samurai saw the young man’s sword. Hey, you. Your short sword looks very fine. Will you sell it to me? I have a main sword but not a short sword. How much do you want for it?
You can have it. A blacksmith gave me this sword for free. First, I had some straw. I gave it to a man, and he gave me charcoal. I gave the charcoal to the blacksmith, and he gave me this sword. So you don’t have to pay me.
The samurai was quite impressed and said, Most people try to get a lot of money, but you are different. You are giving me something for free. You are a good man. I am going to fight in a big battle soon. Please become my son and take care of my family.
The samurai wrote a letter and gave it to the young man.
Take this letter and show it to my family. They will understand.
The young man took the letter to the samurai’s house. It was a big house. The samurai’s family said, We are happy you are joining our family.
The young man became part of the family and took care of them. After a while, the samurai died in the battle. The young man continued to take care of his family. In this way, the poor young boy with some straw became a master of a big house.



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