Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/28 Just ten minutes
5/30 Just ten minutes 10分

see the doctor 医者にみてもらう
cough せき
take the day off 休む、休暇を取る
fever 熱、発熱
I guess -. 〜だと思う。〜だろうね。
medicine 薬
garbage truck ごみ収集車
take out the garbage ゴミを出しておく
dry 乾燥している
Leave it to me! 私に任せて!
moist towel 濡れタオル
You poor thing. かわいそうに。
face mask 美顔用パック
be embarrassed 恥ずかしい思いをする
right away すぐに、直ちに
Huh? えっ?何だって?
Oops おっと。しまった。

I’m not feeling well, so I’m going to see the doctor before work. I’m very sorry about this. Bye.
Are you okay? Why don’t you take the day off?
I can’t. I have an important meeting this afternoon.
Do you have a fever?
No. But I might get one later. I guess I have a cold. The doctor will give me some medicine.
Are you sure you’re okay? Hey. What are you doing?
It’s garbage day today, so I’m collecting the garbage.
You should stay in bed.
But the garbage truck will come at eight.
Don’t worry about it. I’ll take out the garbage today.
Really? Thanks.
But I wonder why you got sick.
Maybe because the air is so dry.
Look at my face. My skin is really dry.
Ah, you’re right.
My lips are so dry that they hurt every time I smile. I wish I could keep a warm moist towel on my face all day.
Oh, you poor thing. You know, I have an idea. You can use one of my moisturizing face masks.
A face mask? Aren’t face masks for women?
I hear that men use them, too.
What for?
To keep their skin healthy.
It’s okay. I don’t need to use one.
I’d be embarrassed if someone saw me.
No one is going to see you.
I’m the only one here. And in just ten minutes, you will feel much better.
My skin is not the problem. This cough is.
Honey, you can go to the doctor and get medicine for your cough. Let me take care of your skin. Okay, I’m going to put the mask on your face.
You’re really going to do this?
Of course. Be quiet. Push your hair off your face. Now don’t move.
It’s cold.
It’ll get better right away.
How is it?
It feels good.
Good. Now go and relax for ten minutes.
Ten minutes. Okay.
This face mask isn’t so bad. I can understand why men use them, too. It smells good. Like roses. Or is this lavender? Hey, I think I stopped coughing. Maybe I won’t need to go to the doctor.
Oh, no. I fell asleep. What time is it?
It’s a little past eight.
Past eight? The garbage.
Garbage? Oops. I forgot about it.
What? Maybe I can catch the truck.
Wait. You can’t go outside like that.
Hey. Wait. Can you take these bags, too?
Sure. What’s that?
What do you mean?
You have something on your face.
Oh, my mask. Can you take this, too? It has been ten minutes, so I can take it off now.



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