Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/29 Jordan

Marhaba. (アラビア語)こんにちは。
the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan ヨルダン・ハシミテ王国
capital 首都
Amman アンマン
9.5 million 950万
one-quarter of the size of – 〜の4分の1の大きさの
desert 砂漠
northern 北側の, southern 南側の
the Dead Sea 死海
border 国境
salty 塩からい
ten times saltier than seawater.海水より約10倍塩からい
float 浮く、浮かぶ
crystal 結晶
ultraviolet rays 紫外線
or UV rays すなわち紫外線
protection 保護
underground water 地下水
not only A but AだけでなくB
recently 近頃、最近
create 作り出す
compare 比較する
it works それがうまくいく
Bedouin ペドウィン(アラビア系遊牧民)
scenery 風景
someday いつか。

Hello. I am the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and my capital is Anman. There are about 9.5 million people living in my land, and most of them are Arabs. My land is about one-quarter of the size of Japan, and 80 percent of it is desert. My northern neighbor is Syria, and my southern neighbor is Saudi Arabia.
Do you know about my country’s magic salt? It has a special power to keep people young and healthy. It is said that Cleopatra loved this salt. This salt is from the Dead Sea. It’s called a sea, but it’s really a lake. One of the borders between Israel and my country runs right in the middle of the Dead Sea.
The water is very, very salty. How salty is it? It’s about ten times saltier than seawater. So you don’t have to try to float. You just float. Also, not all the salt can melt into the water, so there are salt crystals on the bottom of the Dead Sea. And there are 21 natural minerals in this salt.
Also, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth. So there is more air here that can protect people from the sun’s ultraviolet or UV rays. The magic salt and protection from the sun are both wonderful for people’s health. So many sick people come to the Dead Sea to get better.
I heard that your country has a rainy season. But here near the Dead Sea, it only rains a few days a year. Still, people grow many types of delicious vegetables in this area. The farmers make a special mixture with the magic salt. They use it with underground water to make the vegetables better. The salt is not only good for people but great for growing food. Magical, right?
The Dead Sea has been popular for a long time, but recently it has become an important tourist spot with many big resort hotels, it has created jobs for my people, but it means that more and more water is used.
Also, there is less river water going into the Dead Sea every year. If we compare with ten years ago, the level of the Dead Sea is dropping more than a meter every year. It makes me very sad to see this. But my people have a plan to do something about it. I hope it works. The Bedouin people living in the desert say, When the Dead Sea becomes dry, something will happen. And it will be the end of this world.
My country is full of beautiful scenery, historical places, and friendly people, too. I hope you will come to visit me someday and enjoy a swim in the Dead Sea.



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