Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/7 ビラ配り
5/9 Do you need a haircut?
stop by- 〜に立ち寄る、〜を訪れる
hairdresser’s 美容院
it takes five years 5年かかる
give haircuts (人の)髪を切る
actually 実のところ
floor 床
hand out – 〜を配る
flyer チラシ、ピラ
run 経営する
quit 辞める
to be honest 正直なところ
pick up〜を拾い上げる
Keep up the good work! その鼾で頑張れよ!
with that そう言って
Now I know – 〜がやっとわかった。

Good morning. Do you need a haircut? Please stop by K’s Salon. We are open from eleven a.m. to nine p.m.
This spring, I finished a hairstylist program and started working at a hairdresser’s called K’s Salon. I don’t give haircuts yet. Actually, they haven’t even let me wash anyone’s hair. I cleaned up the hair on the floor once. But most of the time, I hand out flyers in front of the train station.
Hey, Satoshi. Is that you?
It’s a friend from my beauty school
You’re working at K’s Salon?
K’s Salon is run by a famous hairdresser called Kosuke-san. I’m proud to be working there, so I give my friend a flyer. But.
You must be crazy to work there.
I hear that it takes at least five years until they let you give haircuts. Many people stop working at that salon in the first six months.
Are you sure?
Yeah. And that famous hairdresser, Kosuke. He probably doesn’t even come to the salon, right? He is too busy working with actors and models.
Maybe my friend is right. It has been over a month since I started working, but I have never seen Kosuke-san at the salon.
You should quit.
What? No.
Do you want to cut and style hair or just hand out flyers?
I know, but.
I work at a salon, too. I already help with hair coloring.
Really? You’re so lucky.
Yeah. If you want to work at my salon, I can talk to the owner.
To be honest, I am interested. I am so interested that I didn’t even notice that I dropped some flyers. If I stay at K’s Salon, I might hand out flyers forever. Maybe I should.
Hey. What are you doing? You dropped our flyers. Be careful, all right?
You are.
It’s Kosuke-san.
I used to hand out flyers, too, but I never dropped them. I was very careful. Now can you help me pick them up?
Yes, of course.
I start to pick up the flyers with Kosuke-san.
Handing out flyers isn’t fun, is it?
When I was a beginner, I felt that way, too. I just wanted to give haircuts. But now I’m glad I did it.
Yes. If you want to be a good hairdresser, you have to practice a lot. You need lots of customers to do that.
So handing out flyers is important.
Exactly. But don’t worry. You won’t be handing out flyers forever. Okay. I have to go now. Keep up the good work.
With that, Kosuke-san leaves.
Wow. Kosuke-san is such a nice guy.
He is. Isn’t he?
Now I know that I don’t want to quit. I want to keep working at K’s Salon.



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