Enjoy Simple English 2018/11/9 nose
5/11 鼻/第1話 芥川龍之介
monk 僧侶
so long that -, 非常に長いので
It looked like a long thin sausage それは長くて細いソーセージのように見えた
hate 嫌う、憎む
as if - まるで〜のように
He tried to look as if he didn’t care. 内供はまるで気にしていないかのような態度を取った。
but he did care. but he cared. 気にした。強調 did
It – for .. to –
It was hard for him to eat 彼にとって、彼が食べるのが困難
because of - 〜のせいで
sneeze くしゃみする
rice porridge おかゆ
all the way in Kyoto はるばる京都まで
pride 自尊心 proud 形容詞、自慢の 名詞形
worry about –  〜にことを心配する
do experiment 実験する
That didn’t work, either. それもうまく行かなかった
pray 祈る
after all 結局は
monks aren’t supposed to – 僧侶は〜しないことになっている
be supposed to - 〜することになっている。
noses like his 彼のような鼻 his = his nose
share his pain 痛みをわかつ
herbal medicine 漢方薬
pee おしっこ、小便
no matter what he did 彼がたとえどんなことをしても〜

A long time ago in a place called Uji, there was an important monk named Naigu. Everyone knew him. Well, everyone knew his nose. His nose was so long that it went down to his chin. It looked like a long thin sausage hanging from the middle of Naigu’s face.
Naigu was a little over fifty years old, and he had hated his nose for a long, long time. He tried to look as if he didn’t care, but he did care. He didn’t even want to hear the word nose.
There were two reasons why he didn’t like his nose. First, it gave him trouble. It was hard for him to eat because of his nose. A young monk had to hold his nose up with a long board while he was eating. This was not an easy job. Once a young monk sneezed while Naigu was eating, and Naigu’s nose dropped into a bowl of hot rice porridge. People heard this story all the way in Kyoto.
Another reason Naigu didn’t like his nose was his pride. Everyone in town talked about his nose.
They said,
No one will marry Naigu because of his nose.
I know. I heard that is why he became a monk.
Monks can’t marry, so Naigu didn’t have to worry about finding a wife. But Naigu felt unhappy that people talked about his nose. So Naigu was always trying to find a way to make his nose look shorter.
Alone he would sit in front of a mirror and do experiments. He would turn his head to the left, then to the right. He wanted to know which side of his face would make the nose look shorter. It always looked the same on both sides. Next, Naigu would try using his hands to cover his chin. That didn’t work, either. He also tried looking into the mirror for a long time hoping his nose would look shorter. But of course, it never did. So every time, Naigu would put away the mirror and start to pray. He was a monk after all.
Monks aren’t supposed to care about how they look on the outside, but Naigu cared. He looked at other people’s noses a lot. Naigu wanted to find someone with the same nose.
He wanted to feel that he wasn’t alone. He saw some strange noses, but never another long one. He looked at Buddhist books from other countries. But even foreigners didn’t have noses like his. Some had long ears, but no long noses.
Looking into mirrors didn’t change anything, and there was no one to share his pain. So he tried to make his nose shorter. He tried everything. He took herbal medicines and put mouse pee on his nose. But no matter what he did, his nose did not get shorter.
Then, one autumn, a young monk came back from Kyoto with good news. A doctor had taught  him how to make a long nose short.



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