Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/10 A&B @ Goshiki-numa 五色沼

area 地域
turn 順番
choose 選ぶ、 choose, chose, chosen
earn money お金を稼ぐ
We don’t have much money left. お金があまり残っていない
care about –  〜を気にする
have fights 喧嘩をする
used to - 以前〜していた
volcanic explosion 火山爆発
appear あらわれる
rent 借りる
flow 流れる
disappear 消える
because of - 〜のせいで
stupid 愚か
miracle 奇跡
see 人 動詞の原形 、人が〜するのを見る

Look, ben. This view looks like a Monet painting.
The French painter. This milky-blue color is amazing. I can see why it’s called Aonuma, or Blue Pond.
Akito and I are in place called Goshiki-numa in Fukushima Prefecture. It is in the Ura-Bandai area. Akito is more excited than usual. I think I know why.
I’m so glad we’ll be in Tokyo tomorrow. Ben, aren’t you excited, too?
We have always gone to places you’ve chosen. Now it’s my turn to choose.
We had a good time, didn’t we? Anyway, why do you want to go to Tokyo so much?
Because there are more people there. More people will watch us, and we can earn more money. You know, we don’t have much money left.
Money, money, money. You only care about money. There are more important things in life than money.
Don’t tell me what I should think.
Excuse me. Could you speak more quietly?
I look behind me and see an old woman standing there. She is smiling.
People come to Goshiki-numa to enjoy the view and have fun. Not to have fights.
Oh, we’re sorry.
The old woman tells us that she used to work as a nature guide here.
In 1888, there was a volcanic explosion on Mount Aizu-Bandai, and Goshiki-numa appeared. The river stopped and became lakes and ponds. Goshiki means five colors, and as you can see, the ponds here have different colors. Most are blue, but there are also red ones and green ones.
Wow. I can’t wait to see them.
The biggest is called Lake Bishamon, and you rent a rowboat there. In the Bandai area, there are over 300 lakes and ponds.
Yes. when the river stopped flowing, some villages disappeared because of all the water.
Yes. And neary 500 people died.
Oh, no. I didn’t know something so sad happened here. I’m sorry I was fighting. That was stupid.
Oh, that’s okay. Nature created these beautiful ponds. Because of that, young people like you come to visit. I think it’s a miracle.
A miracle? I’m a miracle?
Akito, I don’t think she means just you.
So are you two students?
No, we are street performers.
We’re traveling around Japan to get better at performing.
That’s wonderful.
Would you like to see us perform?
I would love to.
Akito and I start performing. The old women is the only person watching.
That was fantastic. So how much should I pay you?
Oh, this was special for us, too, so we don’t want any money.
Wow, Akito. You’ve changed.
Ben, shhhh.
Thank you, but I feel bad. Let me give you these bus tickets. Maybe you can use them during your trip around Japan.
Thank you so much.
We’ll never forget Goshiki-numa.

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