Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/11 The old lady skin 姥っ皮

once upon a time 昔
threw the girl out of the house その少女を家から追い出す、つい負う
let me stay here ここに泊めさせてください
put on 着る
servant 召使い
wonder 不思議に思う
fell in love with - 恋に落ちた
none of them(medicines) worked 薬のどれも効かなかった
order 人 to do 人に〜するように命じる
drank 飲んだ (drink)
brought 持ってきた (bring)
clothes 服
take off 脱ぐ
ever after その後ずっと

Once upon a time, there lived a pretty young girl. One day, her mother became sick and died. The girl’s father soon found a new wife. The new wife didn’t like the pretty young girl. She threw the girl out of the house. Don’t come back.
The young girl didn’t know what to do, so she started walking. After a while, it became dark. The girl saw a light up in the mountains and walk to it. It was a small house with an old lady living inside. The girl said, Please let me stay here tonight. The old lady agreed and gave her a fine dinner.
The next morning, the old lady said, There are some dangerous men on this mountain. So put on this old lady skin. If you wear this, you will look like an old lady. Then, they will not attack you. Go down the mountain, and there is a rich man’s house. Ask someone there to give you a job.
The girl put on the old lady skin. Suddenly, she looked like an old lady.
The girl went down the mountain. The dangerous men saw her, and one of them said, She looks old and poor. I don’t think she has anything we can take.
The young girl safely reached the rich man’s house. There, the girl said, I will do anything. I will do anything. Please give me a job. The servant said, Well, old lady, you can help in the kitchen.
One day, the rich man’s son came home late at night. He saw a light in the room of the old lady. He wondered, Why is she awake? He looked through a hole in the door. To his surprise, he saw a pretty young girl reading a book. He fell in love with her at once.
After that, the rich man’s son started to think about her all the time. He didn’t eat, drink or sleep. He became very sick. Doctors gave him medicines, but none of them worked. At last, the family decided to ask a fortune-teller to help. The fortune-teller said, Ah, the young man is in love with one of the ladies working at this house.
The rich man ordered all the women to bring tea to his son. If he drank from one of a the cups, the person who brought that tea would become his wife.
Each woman put on her best clothes and brought him a cup of tea. But he would drink from none of the cups. The only woman left was the old lady who helped in the kitchen.
It’s your turn.
The old lady said, Just a moment, please.
Then, she went to her room, took off the old lady skin and became a pretty young girl again. She brought some tea to the rich man’s son. He saw her smiled and said, thank you. I think I will have some tea.
The girl married the young man and lived happily ever after.

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