Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/12 The audition オーディション

We’ll let you know the results 結果を知らせます
role 役
hold an audition オーディションをひらく
lead role 主役
don’t have to - 〜する必要はない
line セリフ
to hear that それを聞いて
take place 起こる
character 登場人物
be similar to - 〜と似てる
play the lead role 主役を演じる
find out わかる
first love 初恋

Thank you for coming. We’ll let you know the results in a few days. Naoya-san, what did you think of her?
She didn’t match the image of the lead role.
Okay. I’ll call in the next person.
I’ve been working as a movie director for 25 years. Today, I’m holding an audition for the lead role in my next movie. To be honest, it won’t be easy to find the right actor because this character is about my first love, Yoshiko-san. Ah, Yoshiko-san, I will always remember your cheerful voice.
Hello. I’m Machiko Nakamura. I’m 18 years old.
Whoa. You don’t have to speak so loudly.
We can hear you.
That’s okay. So where are you from?
I’m from Sapporo.
Really? I’m from Sapporo, too.
I know. My mother told me that you were in the same class in high school.
Your mother? Who is she?
I’m Yoshiko Shiraishi’s daughter.
Yoshiko-san’s daughter?
Naoya-san. Are you all right?
Yes. so, uh, how is your mother?
Naoya-san, you shouldn’t ask personal questions.
But I want to know.
My mother is doing well. She always tells everyone she knows you.
Yoshiko-san talks about me?
Mahiko-san, your mother might be Naoya-san’s friend. But that doesn’t mean you will get the part. Right, Naoya-san?
Of course. Okay. Please turn to page eight of the script. The line is Yoshiko’s..uh, no, Yoshie’s line. Could you say it for me?
Yes, sir.
Okay, go.
Naoki. Wait. Why won’t you talk to me? What did I do?
Cut. I think she’s good.
Machiko-san, I want you to be the star of my movie.
Really? I’m so happy to hear that.
So do you have any questions?
Actually, I do. Is this story about my mother?
Oh, no. she knows.
Why do you think that?
Well, the story takes place in Sapporo, and the character’s name, Yoshie, is very similar to Yoshiko, my mother’s name.
There are many women in Sapporo with similar names.
But the man in this story is named Naoki, and your name is Naoya. Is this a true story?
I have changed my mind. You’re not going to be in the movie.
Oh, okay. Thank you. Goodbye.
Wait. I don’t want you to look so sad. I’ve changed my mind again. You can play the lead role.
Naoya-san. Are you feeling okay?
Oh, but what if Yoshiko-san finds out that she was my first love.
My mother was your first love?
Don’t tell my dad, but my mom said you were her first love, too.

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