Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/13 Romania

be surrounded by - 〜に囲まれている
Black Sea 死海
mainland 本土、本州
million 百万
heard of -, 〜のことを聞く
legend 伝説
folkore 民間伝承、民話
mythical creatures 民話や神話で有名な怪物(a monster renowned in folklore and myth
vampire 吸血鬼
Irish アイルランドの
famous for - 〜で有名
mysterious waterfall and rocks 神秘的な滝と岩
merry 陽気な
cemetery 墓地
carved wooden 木彫りの
cross 十字架
grave 墓
detailed 詳しい、きめ細かい、詳細な
destiny 運命
take care of - 〜の世話をする
be sung 歌われる sing, sang, sung
death was not the end of life 死は人生の終わりだった
take a look at = look at
while 〜する間
make sure to –  必ず〜する

I am Romania. I am a country built by Latin-speaking people, and you can find me in southeastern Europe. I am surrounded by the Black Sea and five countries: Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova and Bulgaria. I am about the size of mainland Japan, and the population is a little less than 20 million. Have you heard of my capital city, Bucharest? It is a beautiful city, and it was once called Little Paris, you know.
You may know of my country from the Dracula legend of Transylvania. There are many old folklore stories about such mythical creatures, but the story of vampires become famous after the book, Dracula, was written by an Irish writer. I am also famous for a mysterious waterfall and rocks that move.
There are so many places I want to tell you about, but I’ll just tell you about one, the Merry Cemetery. You heard me correctly, a cemetery doesn’t have to be dark and sad. It can be a cheerful place. You’ll see why. Now listen.
The Merry Cemetery is in the small traditional village of Sapanta. Around 30000 people visit there each year. Tourists come to see the colorful and beautifully carved wooden crosses on the graves. The crosses are painted in bright blue, and each has a detailed painting and an original poem written about the person who died. The poem tells how the person lived his or her life.
When someone in the village dies, a family member asks artists to make a cross. The poems are written in first-person style, so it feels like the dead person is talking to you. Some crosses say, I liked to drink, then my wife left me, so I drank some more. Will you leave a drink for me? or It was my destiny to die young, to leave my sister alone. Dear sister, as long as you live, please take care of my grave.
The poems come from a tradition in this village. It is a tradition for a church leader to write a song about the person who died. The song tells the truth about how the person lived his or her life, thanks people who surrounded him or her and says sorry for any mistakes. This song is also written in first-person style and is sung while the body is going to the cemetery.
The people of Sapanta believed that death was not the end of life, but a joyful beginning of a new life.
Try writing your own song someday. It will help you take a look at your life. You should enjoy life while you are alive, you know. And make sure to come visit my wonderful land before you die.

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