Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/14 The restaurant with many orders

soldier 兵士
shiny 輝いている , shine
polar bear ホッキョクグマ
guide 案内人、ガイド
got lost 迷った, get lost
twice or three times 2〜3度
cost 人 お金 人にお金がかかる cost, cost, cost
blew 吹いた, flow 、blueと同じ発音
rustle サラサラ[パラパラ・カサカサ]と鳴る
My stomach hurts. お腹が痛い
not – any more もはや〜ない
anything なんでも
quiet 静かな
must be に違いない
all the way ずっと
feel free to - 自由に〜する。遠慮なくどうぞ
fat 太ってる
further さらに , farの比較級, fartherもある
hallway 玄関ホール、廊下

Two young gentlemen dressed like English soldiers were walking in the deep forest. Each man had a shiny gun over his shoulder and a big dog like a polar bear.
This mountain is no good. I haven’t seen any birds or animals. I want to shoot something. Bang bang.
It would feel so good to shoot a deer in its stomach. Shoot it twice or three times.
Yes, that would be nice. By the way, where is our guide?
I don’t know. Maybe he got lost.
Hey, look at our dogs. Something is coming out of their mouths.
Oh, no. Both of our dogs are dead now.
That dog cost me 2400 yen.
Mine was 2800 yen.
Both men were angry about losing their money.
I think I will go back home now.
Good idea. It’s getting cold, and I’m getting hungry.
We didn’t shoot anything, but we can buy a mountain bird at the hotel where we stayed last night.
They sold rabbits, too. If we buy them, it will be the same as killing them ourselves.
The two men started to go back, but they soon became lost. Strong winds blew, the grass moved, leaves rustled and the trees made strange sounds.
I am so hungry that my stomach hurts.
Me, too. I don’t want to walk any more.
Me, neither. I want to eat something.
Yes, anything.
Just then, they looked back and saw a beautiful western-style house. On the front door, there was a sign saying, Wildcat House Western-style restaurant.
We are lucky. Let’s go in.
Wait. Isn’t it strange? Why is there such a beautiful restaurant in such a quiet place?
Well, it must be a great restaurant. People come all the way here just to eat at this place.
You’re right. I need to eat something. Or I will fall down.
The entrance was made from white tiles. There was a glass door with a sign written in gold letters: Welcome. Please feel free to come in.
The two men were very happy to read this.
Today was not a good day, but finally, something good is happening. This restaurant is going to give us food for free.
Yes, it says, Please feel free to come in. Free.
The two men opened the door and went inside. They entered a hallway. On the back of the door it said, We especially welcome young and fat people.
Look at this. This is talking about us.
Yes. We are both young and very fat.
The men were very happy. They walked further down the hall. Then, they saw a sky-blue door with more words on it. It said, we are a restaurant with many orders. Thank you for your understanding.

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