Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/18 The Tanishi choja part1
たにし長者 前編

once upon a time 昔
together 一緒に
couple 夫婦、カップル
pray 祈る
human 人間の
snail カタツムリ
heard 聞いた
hear a voice saying 声が言うのを聞いた
look around 見回す
want to be – 〜になりたい
be surprised 驚く
must be 〜に違いない
take – home 〜を連れて帰る。持って帰る
fill A with B AをBで満たす
bowl 椀、わん、ボール
take good care of – 〜の世話をきちんとする
altar 祭壇
passed 過ぎた (pass)
had to – 〜しなければならなかった (have to)
grew 育てた (grow)
take 持っていく
back 背中
cleverly 器用に、賢く
controll 操作する、制御する
arrived at – 〜に着いた (arrive at)
smart 賢い
asked 人 to do 人に〜するように頼んだ (ask)

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived an old farmer and his wife. They worked hard in the rice fields, and they were very happy together. But there was one thing that they really wanted. The old couple wanted children.
Every day before working, they prayed to the rice field gods.
Please give us a child. Any child is all right. It doesn’t have to be a human child. Even a baby tanishi snail is all right.
One day, the old man was working in the fields, and he heard a voice saying,
Father. Father.
The old man looked around and saw a tanishi snail.
I want to be your son.
The old man was surprised.
This must be a child from the rice field gods.
So he took the Tanishi snail home. The old man and his wife filled a wooden bowl with water. It was for the Tanishi snail to live in. they put the bowl in the best place in the house. It was in front of the altar. They took good care of their new son. The Tanishi snail ate a lot. He was still small, but he became a strong snail.
Several years passed. The old man and his wife became very old. One day, the old man had to go to a rich man’s house. The old couples had to give him some of the rice they grew on his land every year.
But this year, taking the rice to the rich man’s house was too difficult. The old man was too old to ride a horse well. Then the Tanishi snail said, Thank you for taking care of me. You are very good parents. From today, I will take the rice to the rich man every year. Please put me on the back of the horse.
The old man and his wife put the Tanishi snail on the back of the horse. The Tanishi snail cleverly controlled the horse and soon arrived at the rich man’s house.
The old couple always talked about their son, so the rich man knew about the Tanishi snail.
It’s nice to finally meet you. Please join me for dinner.
The rich man and the Tanishi snail talked and talked. The rich man was surprised. This Tanishi snail was so smart and funny. The rich man liked him very much. So he asked the Tanishi snail to marry one of his daughters.
First, the rich man asked his oldest daughter to become the Tanishi snail’s wife. But she said, No. Then, the rich man asked his youngest daughter. She said, I will marry him. Father.
At the Tanishi snail’s home, the old couple were surprised to hear the news. On the day of the wedding, the rich man’s beautiful young daughter came to their home with many gifts from her father. The Tanishi snail and his parents were very happy.

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