Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/19 My brother’s cooking

cheap 安い
expensive 高価な、高い
close to – 〜に近い
that way その方が、そんなふうに
move to - へ引っ越す
No way.  絶対だめ。あり得ない。
eat out 外食する
prepare 準備する
be impressed 感動する
adult 大人
by myself 一人で、 by oneself
Let me see –  〜を調べてみる。見てみます
a can of –  缶一杯の、ひと缶の
garlic にんにく
chili pepper 唐辛子、チリペッパー
spicy 薬味のきいた、香辛料の効いた
Don’t worry. 心配しないで
lots of = a lot of -たくさんの
pot ポット、つぼ、深鍋
add 加える
crush 押しつぶす、粉々にする
instead of – 〜の代わりに
turn on スイッチを入れる、オンにする
Don’t forget to - 〜するのを忘れないように。
take out 取り出す
Ta-da. (ta-dah) ジャジャーン

I’m so tired. Masato, why is your apartment so far from the station?
It’s cheaper. Your new place is small and expensive.
But it’s close to the station. That way I can sleep a little longer.
You sound like a child.
I’m not a child.
I’m going to move to Tokyo to start working. My old brother, Masato, helped me look for an apartment. We finally found a place close to the station. I move in next week.
Anyway, I’m glad you found a nice apartment.
Uh-huh. So, why don’t we celebrate? You can buy me sushi.
No way. Sushi is too expensive. Why don’t I cook for us?
Do you cook?
Of course I do. Eating out is expensive. So I prepare my own meals to save money.
I’m impressed. You are a real adult now.
Well, I’ve been living by myself for a few years already. Hmm. Let me see what I have.
Ah, you have spaghetti. And here’s a can of meat sauce. You can make spaghetti with meat sauce.
No, no. That’s too easy. I’ll make something with olive oil, garlic and chili peppers.
Chili peppers? But I can’t eat spicy food.
Don’t worry. It won’t be so spicy. First, we cook the spaghetti. Put lots of water in a large pot. When the water boils, add salt and put in the spaghetti.
Cook it for about seven minutes. While the spaghetti is cooking, get the garlic ready. Crush it like this.
Why do you crush it?
You can taste the garlic more if you crush it instead of cutting it.
Wow. You know a lot.
When the garlic is ready, put some olive oil in a frying pan. Then, add the garlic.
Wait. You forgot to turn on the heat.
You turn on the heat after you put in the garlic. This way, the flavor of the garlic will go into the oil. When you start smelling the garlic, you put in the chili peppers. Don’t forget to take out the seeds first.
It smells so good.
Yeah. I love this smell. Okay. The spaghetti is ready. Let’s put it in the frying pan. Don’t forget to add some water from the pasta pot. Finally, add some salt and pepper, and we’re done. Ta-da. Here is spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino,
Wow. You are a good cook.
Try eating it before you say that.
Okay. Itadakimasu. This is so good. I can taste the garlic and the oil, and it’s not so spicy. Your cooking is really good.
I’m glad you like it. And it’s not that difficult.
No, it’s not. When I move to Tokyo, I’m going to..
You’re going to cook every day, right?
No. I’m going to come to your place to eat.

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