Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/20 Micronesia

island 島、アイランド
the Western Pacific 西太平洋
social studies 社会科
take a look at = look at
major 主な
for example 例えば
flat 平らな
It will only take about 40 minutes to walk around it. 歩いて回る
It takes 40 minutes to walk 40分かかる。
electricity 電気
not – either 〜もーでない。
navigation 航海
ability 能力
compass 羅針盤、方位磁石
the shape of the waves, 波の形 wave
daytime 昼間
direction 方向
per hour 1時間に付き
method 方法
amazing 驚くべき
once a month 月に一度
lead 指揮する
chase 追跡する
be proud of 〜を誇りに思う
skill 技術
keep the tradition alive 伝統を存続させる

Hello there, everyone. I am the Federated States of Micronesia. I am the nation of 607 small island in the Western Pacific.
Do you know where I am? It’s social studies time, everyone. Take a look at a map, please. First, find Australia. Go up north, and you can see Papua New Guinea, right? Then, go up a little more to the north, and then to the east. You will find me there.
The capital city is Palikir on Pohnpei Island. My official language is English, but there are eight major local languages. The total land area of all the islands is about the size of Amami Oshima. There are many interesting things to see on my islands. For example, giant stone coins that are as big as people.
Today I want to tell you about one of my islands called Pulap Island. Is is a flat island with no mountains, and it will only take about 40 minutes to walk around it. About 300 people live there, and they have a very simple life. They don’t have electricity, phone lines or a water system. You can’t use your cellphone on Pulap, either. But there is the big beautiful ocean and the big blue sky just waiting for you.
The island name means, birthplace of navigation. You see, the people living here are said to be one of the last people with the ability to sail the traditional way. A master of this tradition can travel in a sailing canoe using only the wind and not a motor engine. And he does not have to use a compass to know where he is going. He reads the shape of the waves, watches the birds and feels the wind during the daytime. At night, he uses the star patterns and the direction of the wind to sail in the dark sea. A sailing canoe can as fast as 20 kilometers per hour. In 1975, six men used this method to travel 3000 kilometers from Micronesia to Okinawa. They did it in 47 days. Aren’t they really amazing sailors?
Once a month, all the men on the island go fishing in Pulap. They set a large net 12 meters underwater to catch many fish at once. The master who leads the fishing decides where to drop the net and when to chase the fish into the net. Then, the fish are brought back to the island and handed out to everyone equally. If you are there, they will give you one, too.
The people of Pulap are proud of their navigation skills, and I am proud of them for keeping the tradition alive. If you want to relax on a tropical island and sail with the wind in your hair, make sure to remember me.

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