Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/21 (2)The restaurant with many orders
注文の多い料理店, 第二話

through 〜を通って
order 注文
mean 意味する
already すでに
further 更に遠く、先に
found 見つけた (find)
fix your hair 髪を直す
brush the mud 泥をおとす
bullet 銃弾
make sense 道理にかなう、いなずける
take of 脱ぐ
wallet 財布
cufflinks カフスボタン
glasses メガネ
safe 金庫、戸棚
electricity 電気
That is why - そういうわけで
continue to - し続ける
jar 瓶、かめ
be make from milk 牛乳から出来ている
splash 液体を散らす、飛ばす
perfume 香水
vinegar 酢
must have made a mistake 間違えたに違いない
rub こする
shake 震える

Two young gentlemen went through the sky-blue door of the Wildcat House Western-style Restaurant. On the back of the door it said, There are really many orders. Please try to understand. Please try to understand.
What does that mean?
I think it means that they will need time because a lot of people have already ordered.
Further down the hall, they found another door and a mirror with a brush. The red letters said, Fix your hair and clean your shoes here.
There must be very important guests. We must look good.
The two fixed their hair and brushed the mud off their shoes. Then, on the back of the door, there were more words. Please leave your guns and bullets here.
That makes sense. It’s bad manners to bring guns into a restaurant.
On the next door it said, Please take off your hats, coats and shoes. On the back it said, Please put your wallet, cufflinks, glasses and any other sharp metal objects in the black safe. And so they did.
I think they are going to use some kind of electricity for the food. That is why they want us to take off metal objects. But why sharp things.
After taking off their glasses and cufflinks, they continued to walk down the hallway until they saw another door with a glass jar beside it. The words on the door said, Please cover your face, arms and legs with the cream in the jar.
They don’t want our skin to get dry. It hurts when your skin gets too dry, you know.
Oh, I see. This cream is made from milk.
I’m going to eat a little of this cream when I put on my face.
When they went through the door, there was another jar and more words on the door. Do you have enough cream on your body? Do you have cream behind your ears, too?
They are so nice. I had forgotten about my ears.
When is this going to end? I am so hungry.
Soon they saw another door. The message read, The food is almost ready. You will be served shortly. Now please splash yourself with this perfume. The two men splash themselves with the perfume.
This smells like vinegar.
The servant must have made a mistake. Maybe she was sick and couldn’t smell anything.
They went through the door to find more words on the back. We are very sorry for all the orders. This is the last. Please rub yourself with the salt in the jar.
Something is not right.
I think so, too.
They looked at the beautiful blue jar with salt inside. And then, they looked at each other.
The customers aren’t doing ordering. The restaurant is.
Yes, so that means. We are not getting food. We are the food.
The two men started to shake. They were very afraid.

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