Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/24 A&B @ Nebuta

float 山車
all way to はるばる
turn around 振り向く
craftsman (craftsmen)〔熟練した〕男性の職人[工匠・工芸人
string 糸、ひも
frame フレーム、骨組み
basically 基本的に
be allowed 許される
lantern ランタン、ちょうちん

A nebuta float?
Yeah. I want to see one.
Is that why we came all the way to Aomori?
I think it’s a good reason.
I can’t believe this.
Akito gets angry so easily. I’m Ben, by the way. We’re in Aomori city. I’ve seen nebuta floats on TV, but I have never seen a real one. That’s why I wanted to come here.
Ben, the Nebuta Festival is in August. We have a lot of time.
We can learn about it while we wait.
We’re going to stay here until August? Isn’t that too long? We should take the Shinkansen to Hokkaido and do some shows there.
Akito and I are street performers. Akito always wants to go to big cities to perform. But for me, the size of the city isn’t important.
Ben? Are you listening to me?
Hey, there are some large tents over there.
Is that a circus?
It doesn’t look like one.
Let’s go check it out.
We go inside a tent. I’m surprised.
They are unfinished nebuta floats. They are so big. I feel so small.
Ben, there are more floats in the other tents.
Hey. What are you doing? You can’t come into the tents.
I turn around and see a man. He looks about the same age as us.
We’re sorry. We just wanted to see the nebuta floats.
Well, if you want to see them, you need to come to the festival.
So are you a nebuta craftsman?
Yeah, but I’m still learning. To become a professional craftsman, it takes many years of training. Even after you become a pro, it takes time to make enough to live.
I see. So how many nebuta craftsmen are there?
About 15. the companies and groups who want to take part in the festival send us orders for floats, and we make them.
What are nebuta floats made from?
Well, the flame is made from wood, wires and string. When the frame is finished, we stick on washi paper and paint it with a special ink.
That’s it?
Basically, yeah.
Nebuta floats are so colorful. I think they are really cool.
Don’t look. No one is allowed in this tent.
Sorry. Anyway, why are they called nebuta?
Well, a long time ago, we called lanterns nebuta here in Aomori.
Ah, that makes sense. You light up the nebuta floats like a lantern.
That must be beautiful.
Why don’t you come back in August? You can be part of the festival.
Can tourists do that?
Yeah. If you wear a haneto costume, you can sing and dance in the festival.
Akito, did you hear that? That’s perfect for us. Now we have to stay here until the Nebuta Festival.

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