Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/25 The Tanishi choja part2

pray 祈る
he took rice to a rich man お米を持って行った
took goo are of よく世話をした
as his wife 彼の妻として
be worried 心配する
leave him alone 彼を一人ぼっちにする
thanks to your love あなたの愛をおかげで
millionaire 百万長者,大富豪 , billionaire 億万長者

An old farmer and his wife had no children. So they always prayed to the rice field gods for a child. One day, a tanishi snail talked to the old farmer. He wanted to be his son. The old man thought the Tanishi Snail was a gift from the rice field gods. The Tanishi Snail became their son. He was a good son, and he helped his parents with their work. One day, he took rice to a rich man. The rich man was very impressed with this Tanishi Snail. He then decided to give one of his daughters to the Tanishi Snail as his wife.
The Tanishi Snail and his wife were very happy together. They were always laughing and having fun. They both took good care of the old man and his wife. They all lived very happily.
One day, the wife decided to go to the shrine for the rice fields gods. At the gate of the shrine, the Tanishi Snail said, You can go and pray to the gods alone. I will wait for you. Just put me dow in the rice field.
The young wife was worried. She didn’t want to leave him alone. But she listened to her husband. The young wife put him down in the rice field. Then, she went to pray at the shrine.
She finished praying and came back to the rice field. Where was her husband?
Oh, no. There are so many Tanishi snails here.
The young wife checked the Tanishi snails one by one. But she did not find her husband.
She became more and more worried. The young wife went through many fields. She fell down again and again. She was crying and looking, but she still could not find him. Her beautiful yukata was not beautiful anymore. But she did not care about it. She only thought about her husband. Darling, where are you? I can’t live without you.
Then, she heard a voice behind her. Dearest, dearest, here I am. It was her husband’s voice.
The young wife turned around and saw a handsome young man standing there. It’s me. I was a tanishi snail, but thanks to your love for me, I have now become a human.
The young wife was so happy. The young couple went to the shrine and thanked the rice field gods again and again.
The young couple returned home. The old man and his wife were also surprised and happy. The news reached the rich man, and he too was very happy.
Years passed. When the rich man died, he gave all his rice fields to the young couple. They worked very hard, and the family became very, very rich. Then, people called them Tanishi Choja, or the Tanishi Snail Millionaires.

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