Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/26 A friend of mine

suggestion おすすめ、提案
be good at - 〜が得意
won a match 試合で勝つ (win)
knee 膝、ひざ
like this こんなふうに
instead of –  〜のかわりに
Not again! (まずいな)まただよ!、2度と失敗するなよ!
speaking of - 〜について言えば、〜と言えば
own 所有する
talented 才能がある

Hey, Megumi, where will we go for our club’s summer training camp?
I’m still thinking about it. Hotels are so expensive.
A friend of mine is the leader of a tennis club at a different university. I can ask him for suggestions.
A friend of mine. How many times has Takeshi talked about his friends?
He is really good at tennis. He came in third in the national high school tournament.
Takeshi and I are in the same tennis club at university. I’m the leader, and he is the sub-leader. He always talks about his friends.
My friend even won a match against a really famous tennis player.
Wow. But if he’s so good, why is he playing in a tennis club at a university? Why doesn’t he become a pro?
Well, actually, he hurt his knee.
Oh, I see. So, what’s his name?
I don’t think you know him.
But he came in third in the national tournament, right?
Maybe it was forth or fifth. I can’t remember.
Our conversation always end like this. He never tells me who his friend is.
You know, maybe we can camp in tents instead of using a hotel.
You mean go camping and play tennis?
Yes. We can build a campfire and prepare our own meals.
Ah, that sounds like fun.
My friend is really good at outdoor activities.
Oh, not again.
He once lived in the mountains for a month with only a knife. He’s very famous and was once on the cover of the nature magazine.
Really? So, what’s his name?
Oh, I don’t think you know him.
That magazine is for people who really like outdoor activities.
You don’t believe me? It’s true.
I believe you. Anyway, camping might be fun. We can make curry.
Speaking of curry, a friend of mine owns a curry shop. The shop was in a famous guidebook.
This time it’s a curry shop? How many famous friends does Takeshi have?
His curry is so good.
So, what’s his name?
He’s not that famous.
You just told me his curry shop was in a famous guidebook. Why can’t you tell me his name?
Well.. umm.. his name is.
His name is?
Takeshi? That’s you. You were talking about yourself?
Yeah, I don’t own a curry shop, but I’m good at making curry. Also, I’ve gone camping many times, so I’m good at setting up tents.
Why didn’t you just tell me?
I don’t know. I feel shy telling you about myself. Anyway, I really want to help you. What should I do?
Well, if we’re going camping, we’ll need a big van. Could you find one for us?
Sure. My friend.. I mean , I’m good at driving, I’ll drive.
Takeshi might be more talented than I thought. And he is kind of cute.

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