Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/27 Chile
can’t stop looking at me 私を見るのをやめる事は出来ない。私を見ていたくなる
as you notice お気づきのように、ご覧の通り
guess 推測する
twice as big as - 2倍の大きさ
scenery 景色
mountain range 山脈、連山
tropical 熱帯の
because of –  〜の理由で
That is why - そういう訳で
right here ちょうどここ
per year 一年に付き
It is said that –  と言われている
desert 砂漠
be connected 関連付けられている
amount 量
copper mine 銅山
turn into –  〜に変わる
the Southern Cross 南十字星
twinkling star きらめく星

Nice to meet you. you can’t stop looking at me, can you? Oh, I know. Everyone is interested in my long, thin shape. Well, sit down and let me tell you about myself.
I am the Republic of Chile. My capital is Santiago, and my population is about 18 million. My neighbors are Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. The Pacific Ocean is on my west. As you noticed, I am very long and thin. Can anyone guess how long I am? The answer is 4329 kilometers. I am about twice as big as Japan.
You’ll love the beautiful scenery of the Andes Mountains. That’s the world’s longest mountain range, you know. The wet air from the tropical forests of the Amazon can’t go over the Andes, and the sea is cold, so not much water goes into the air. Because of these two factors, there are no clouds. You can’t have rain without clouds. That is why you can find the driest place on the Earth, the Atacama Desert, right here.
The Atacama Desert is a little smaller than Hokkaido, and it rains less than ten millimeters per year. Yes, that’s right. Ten millimeters a year, not a day. It is said that there’s even a place which hasn’t had rain for more than 40 years. Can you imagine?
But even in such a place, you will find an oasis. An oasis is a place in a desert with green plants. In the Atacama Desert, the plants get water from the longest river here, the Loa River. And the water of the Loa River comes from the melted snow of the Andes Mountains. It’s all connected, you see.
Recently, the river’s water level is getting lower. One reason is the large amount of water used at copper mines. I am the world’s biggest producer of copper.
Copper is important for my country’s economy, but water is important, too. without water from the river, people cannot live. So there are places that have turned into ghost towns. Other towns are in trouble, too. One old man said, We have to keep taking care of the land. If we stop, the land will become completely dry. Thank you sir for taking care of my land.
Lastly, I want to tell you about my night sky. You will be able to see the star pattern of the Southern Cross very clearly in the Atacama Desert. Some places in the desert are in a very high place over 2000 meters above sea level and very dry. That is why you can see the stars so clearly.
If you want to see the bluest blue sky and a night sky full of twinkling stars, come visit me one day. I know you will fall in love with me. Bye.

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