Enjoy Simple English 2018/12/28 The restaurant with many orders
注文の多い料理店, 最終話
shaking with fear 恐怖で震えている (shake)
previous 以前の
fault 誤り、過ち
don’t care 気にしない
bone 骨
full of wrinkles シワでいっぱい
crushed 押しつぶされた
break down 叩き壊す
back and forth 前後に、行ったり来たり
took off 脱いだ (take off)
rustle さらさら、かさかさ音を立てる
dumpling だんご
disappear 消える

The two gentlemen were shaking with fear. They were in a restaurant that would not serve them food. It was them that would be served as food.
We are going to be made into western-style food. Run.
The two men tried to get out using the previous door. But it wouldn’t open. Just then, they saw another door on the other side of the room. There were two big keyholes and words that said, Thank you for all your hard work. Now please come in. Two blue eyes looked at the men through the big keyholes.
Oh, no.
The two started to cry. Then, they heard voices behind the door.
Oh, no. They know. And they haven’t put salt on themselves.
It’s our boss’s fault. He made the mistake to write, we are very sorry for all the orders. That was stupid.
I don’t care if they know now. He is not going to let us eat them anyway. Not even their bones.
But if they don’t come in, the boss will say it is our mistake.
Okay, let’s talk to them. Hello, guests. Hurry and come in. We have washed the plates for you. The vegetables are ready. We just need to mix you with the vegetables to make a salad.
If you don’t want to become a salad, we can fry you. come, quickly.
The two men’s faces became full of wrinkles just like a crushed ball of paper. They cried silently.
No, no. don’t cry. The cream will come off. What? Yes, sir. They will be ready soon.
Did you hear that? Our boss is waiting for you. His napkin is ready, and he has a knife in his hand. Now, come.
Oh, no.
I don’t want to die.
The men cried and cried. Then, suddenly.
Their two big white dogs broke down the door and ran into the room. The blue eyeballs disappeared. The dogs ran back and forth in the hallway. But after one big bark, they jumped at the door with the big keyholes. The door broke, and the dog ran into the darkness.
Then, the room disappeared like smoke. The two were left shaking without their clothes. They looked around and saw their clothes, shoes and everything they took off hanging on tree branches. Then, strong winds blew, grass moved, leaves rustled and the trees made strange sounds. Soon their dogs came back. The two men heard a voice.
Masters. Masters.
We’re here.
Come. Quickly.
The two men called out to the guide they lost in the forest. They were saved. The two men ate sweet dumplings their guide brought them. Then, they bought mountain birds at the hotel and went home. But even when they got home and took a hot bath, their faces were still full of wrinkles. And those never disappeared.

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