Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/15 A&B @ (2)Dazaifu後半

Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/15 A&B @ (2)Dazaifu
4/15 月曜日 A&B @ Dazaifu – 太宰府

Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/15 A&B @ Dazaifu

Oh, no!
After he died, people found out that he didn’t do anything wrong. Since then, people pray to him.
Sad but interesting.
Isn’t it? Okay. That’s the famous Shinji Pond.
I really like the red bridge.
That’s Taiko Bridge. We say it connects the past, present and future. The pond is in the shape of the Japanese kanji for “heart.”
Ah, so the bridge connects the past, present and future in your heart. I wonder what that means.
Hey, Ben, don’t just stand there. Cross the bridge!
What are these statues?
They are a statue of a kirin and a bird.
The kirin looks like a horse, but its head is like a dragon!
You’re right. It’s a magical creature, so it’s not real.
Ah, I see. So is this other statue a penguin?
No, it’s a bird called uso. In Japanese, uso means “a lie.”
Poor bird.
Well, it’s a special bird. When a person tells a lie by mistake, this bird can help take the evil out of those lies and bring good fortune.
What a great bird!
You can buy small wooden uso birds during the Usokae Festival held every January.
Really? I want to come back in January to buy one. No, five!
Wow. You need a lot of help from this bird. So, here’s the Honden building.
What a beautiful building!
Tenjin-sama is also the god of culture and is deeply connected to art, like paintings or kabuki theater.
Ah, maybe he can help us with our performances!
Maybe! I came here to say, “Thank you,” but we can pray for our future as performers, too.
All right.

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