Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/17 (2)Rules – ルール

Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/17 (2)Rules – ルール
Short Stories オリジナル・ショート・ストーリー

I am just happy you invited me. I know you love baseball, so I’m happy when you are happy.
Well, I’m not happy right now. You must know the rules if you are going to watch with me.
I’m sorry, Misaki. Can you teach me?
Sure. We have 15 minutes before the game starts. I’m going to teach you all the rules. Listen carefully! Okay
So, do you understand now?
I think so. You change sides when you have three outs. There are nine innings, and the team with more points wins, right?
Perfect! The game is about to start.
Misaki, I’m back. I bought some noodles for us.
Thanks, Sota. You came back just in time. If the next batter hits a homerun, we win. Sota, isn’t it exciting?
Okay. So, let’s eat the noodles.
I can’t eat them now.
But they’ll get cold.
Oh, okay. These are delicious. Hey, that wasn’t a strike.
Misaki, you can’t watch the game now. You have to look at me.
Huh? Why? Remember our rule? We promised to look at each other while we eat.
Misaki What are you talking about, Sota?
You got mad at me the other day. We were eating dinner, and I was looking at my smartphone at the same time. You said we have to look at each other and not do anything else.
Oh, that rule. But we’re at a baseball game.
You said, “If someone breaks this rule, we will break up.”
What happened?
Misaki, remember our rule!

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