Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/18 (2)Shibahama Beach

Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/18 (2)Shibahama Beach – 芝浜
Rakugo 日本の伝統的笑い!落語

Honey, it’s time to wake up. You have to go to the fish market. If we don’t sell fish, we won’t have enough money to pay for the house.
Well, we can use the money in the wallet.
What wallet?
The wallet I found at Shibahama beach yesterday.
What are you talking about? You didn’t go to Shibahama beach yesterday. You drank a lot of sake and fell asleep.
You’re joking. I know I found a wallet with money in it.
I’m not joking. It was a dream. We don’t have any money. So l need you to work hard.
Uokatsu and his wife work hard for three years. Now their shop is bigger. Uokatsu does not drink anymore. It is December 31 again.
Honey, look at this.
The wife takes out the old wallet.
A wallet, Is that a present for me?
No. Look closely. Do you remember it?
Oh, that’s the wallet I found at Shibahama beach. It had a lot of money in it. Hey, You told me it was a dream. You lied to me.
I’m sorry. I told you it was a dream so that you would not use the money. I wanted you to work hard. Look how big our shop is now!
I see. Our shop is very big now.
Hey, why don’t we have a drink to celebrate?
A drink? I haven’t had a drink for three years. That would be great.
Uokatsu is about to drink, but he stops himself.
Honey, don’t you want to drink?
Umm, no. I don’t want this to be a dream, too.

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