Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/19 (2)The Pillow Book(3)

Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/19 (2)The Pillow Book / Part Three 枕草子/第3部
Japanese Classics 英語で味わう日本文学

Or when a child with hair down to their eyes, moves their head toward one shoulder without pushing the hair out of the way. They look out through their hair, and it is cute. And the sight of a boy from a good family walking around in beautiful clothing. Or seeing a beautiful baby falling asleep in someone’s arms. That is also cute.
The little tables and chairs made for dolls. A leaf of a lotus flower you picked up from a pond. Or a very small leaf of a different plant. Everything small is cute.
A fat two-year-old child with a white face coming out from a room wearing a long kimono. And then, you see that the sleeves are held together in the back with a ribbon.
Or even the sight of them walking around with short kimonos with sleeves that look too long. They are all cute. A boy about eight, nine or ten reading a book out loud in their childish high voice.
Or when a chick cries out loudly while walking near people. Their long legs and their white feathers make me think of a woman with her kimono separated at the legs. They even look cute when they all run together with their mother hen. The eggs of a duck. A glass pot.

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