Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/25 The Father, the Son and the Promise

Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/25 The Father, the Son and the Promise
Rakugo 日本の伝統的笑い!落語
The Father, the Son and the Promise – 親子酒

In a neighborhood in Edo, there lived a man and his son. They both loved sake and often got drunk. But one day, the father thought drinking too much was not good for his son. So the father and son made a promise with each other not to drink anymore. One cold evening, the father comes home from work.
Honey, could I have something hot to drink today? It’s really coid outside.
Okay. How about some nice hot tea?
Hot tea? No. I want to drink some nice hot sake!
But you made a promise to our son that you wouldn’t drink sake anymore.
I know. But he’s not here right now, so he won’t know that I’m drinking. I’ll drink a little and go to bed. Hey, I’ll use this mug, so he’ll think I was drinking tea, not sake!
I think that’s a stupid idea. If you want sake, you can pour it yourself.
With that, the wife leaves the room. The man pours sake into his mug.
Hello, sake, my old friend! Oh, this tastes so good! Oh, look. I drank all the sake in my mug. I’m going to have some more.
The man keeps drinking and drinking. After a while, he gets very drunk. His wife comes back into the room.
Hey! Our son will come back soon. Stop drinking and go to bed!
That’s all right. He won’t know I’m drinking because I’m using a mug!
Suddenly, the front door opens. The son is back. The man and his wife quickly hide the sake. The son enters the room.
Hello?! I’m back! It’s your son!!
For some reason, the son is very drunk, too.


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