Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/26 (4)The Pillow Book / Part Four

Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/26 (4)The Pillow Book / Part Four
Japanese Classics 英語で味わう日本文学
The Pillow Book / Part Four 枕草子/第4部

Things that make you sad
I think many people don’t want to be hated. Even if a person is a little different from others, they do not want to be disliked. But it’s natural for a person to be either liked or not liked. There is always going to be that difference at work or even within a family. It’s a sad thing. If a parent loves their child, other people will want to love them, too. It is truer if the child is from a high-ranking family. But also true for people from lower ranks. If the child is good-looking, the parents can’t help loving them. And if there is nothing special about the child, the parents will think, “No one will love our child. So we will love this child as much as possible.” It is the most wonderful thing to be loved. Love can come from parents, someone you work for, or someone you are close with. It does not matter where the love comes from

Men are mysterious
Men think in the most mysterious ways. They break up with beautiful women and marry ugly ones. It is a mystery to me. Men who come and go in the palace can choose from many beautiful women and be loved by them. It doesn’t matter if the women are from high-ranking families. If a man thinks she is the best, that is the woman to love forever. Generally, it seems that men want to marry women who are said to be beautiful, even if they haven’t met before.


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