Enjoy Simple English 2019/5/10 Sangetsuki / Episode One 山月記/第1話

Enjoy Simple English 2019/5/10
Friday Japanese Classics英語で味わう日本文学
Sangetsuki / Episode One 山月記/第1話

Licho from Longxi was intelligent and talented. At a very young age, he passed a very difficult test called the kakyo so he could become a government official. He was then sent to an area called Konan to be the leader of the army and prison department. But Licho was too proud to do that job. He thought it wasn’t good enough for him. Soon Licho quit his job and went back to his hometown. There he cut himself off from almost everyone and tried to write poems that people would remember for hundreds of years. Licho wanted history to remember him as a famous poet. He thought that was much better than being a low-level government official and having to listen to a boss he did not respect. However, becoming a famous poet was not easy, and day by day, Licho became poorer and poorer. He became so thin that his cheekbones stuck out and his eyes shone dangerously. He had been a handsome youth, but that same person was no longer to be seen.

Longxi ろうせ&隴西(中国の地名)
intelligent 賢い、知性がある
talented 才能のある
government official 役人、官僚
area 地域、エリア
department 部門、担当
wasn’t good enough for him 彼には役不足だった
quit 〜を辞める
hometown 故郷、ふるさと
cut himself off from – 彼自身を〜から孤立・断絶させた
boss 上司
cheekbone ほお骨
stuck out (stick) 突き出た
fully believe 信じ切る
depressed 落胆した、憂うつになった

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