Enjoy Simple English 2019/5/10 (1-2)Sangetsuki / Episode One 1-2

Enjoy Simple English 2019/5/10-2
Friday Japanese Classics英語で味わう日本文学
Sangetsuki / Episode One 山月記/第1話-2

Licho couldn’t continue to live such a poor life, so after a few years, he went back to the East to live a better life for his family. He also did it because he did not fully believe he could become a famous poet. The people he had worked with before had become high-ranking officials. So, you can imagine the damage it did to Licho’s heart to work under people who he had never respected. He became depressed, and nothing could make him happy. He started to lose control of his feelings. A year later, Licho finally lost his mind. He suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and ran out into the darkness screaming. He never came back. The next year, a man named Ensan was traveling with his men under the king’s direct order. One night, the group stopped to rest and woke up early the next morning. It was still dark outside. A local official said “There is a man-eating tiger on the road you are traveling, sir. You should use the road only during the daytime. It is better if you wait.” But Ensan said, “It’s okay. I have many men with me.” And so the group left. Ensan’s group was traveling under the weak moonlight of the morning when suddenly a tiger jumped out of the tall grass. The tiger was about to attack Ensan but suddenly ran back into the grass. A human voice then said, “Phew. That was close.” The voice repeated it many times. It was a voice Ensan had heard before. Surprised, he called out, “Is that you? Is it my friend, Licho?”

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