Enjoy Simple English 2019/5/14 The Fox and the Stork-1 きつねとこうのとり

Enjoy Simple English 2019/5/14
Wisdom from the West古典が語る西洋の知恵
The Fox and the Stork-1 きつねとこうのとり

One day, a Fox was thinking about his friend, the Stork. “Stork’s bill is really long, so it looks like a big nose. It looks so funny! Oh, I have a good idea. I’m going to have some fun today!” The Fox went to look for the Stork and asked him.
My dear friend, I want to invite you to have dinner with me tonight.” “Thank you, Fox. That is so kind of you.” So the Fox went home to prepare his idea. It was a trick.
When dinnertime came, the Stork arrived at the Fox’s house. The Stork was hungry and looking forward to the dinner.
“Thank you for coming over today. I have prepared some soup for us. I hope you enjoy it.”
The Fox put the soup on the table. The Stork was surprised when he saw the dish. The dish was not very deep. It was more like a plate. “Oh. Thank you, Fox. It smells delicious.”
The Stork tried to eat the soup from the dish, but he couldn’t. The dish was flat, and his bill was long, so he couldn’t get any soup into his mouth. The Fox ate some soup and said, “Mmm, this is delicious. I did a great job at cooking today. I can’t stop eating it. Oh, my dear friend, why aren’t you eating? I’m sorry if you didn’t like the soup.”
The Stork was not happy with the Fox. But he didn’t get angry and went home with an empty stomach.

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