Enjoy Simple English 2019/5/16 The Horse’s Tail-1馬のす

Enjoy Simple English 2019/5/16
Thursday Rakugo日本の伝統的笑い!落語
The Horse’s Tail-1馬のす

One day, a man comes to a pond. He is taking everything out of his bag and is getting ready to fish.
I have my fishing pole and my hook. Oh, no! I forgot to bring some string! Oh, what should I do?
Just then, a boy pulling a horse comes by. The horse is kicking and being noisy. The boy does not know what to do, so he ties the horse to a tree nearby. Then, he talks to the man.
Sir, could you help me with something?
Sure. What is it?
Could you look after my horse for a few minutes? I will be right back!
With that, the boy runs away. He doesn’t even wait for the man to reply.
Hey! He’s gone? I don’t know anything about horses! What am l going to do? Oh! I have a great idea! Maybe I can pull a hair out of the horse’s tail and use it for fishing! I am so smart!
The man pulls a hair from the horse’s tail. He ties a hook to it and throws it in the water. He catches a lot of fish. After a while, his friend, Katsu, comes to the pond.
Hey, Katsu. I’m a genius. I used a hair from that horse’s tail to catch all these fish!
No! You pulled a hair from the horse’s tail?
Umm, yeah. Was that bad?
Bad?! That’s terrible! It’s so terrible that I can’t tell you what will happen!
Tell me! You are scaring me!
I can’t tell you. Oh, this is not good

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