Enjoy Simple English 2019/5/17 Sangetsuki / Episode Two-1 山月記第2話

Enjoy Simple English 2019/5/17
Friday Japanese Classics英語で味わう日本文学
Sangetsuki / Episode Two-1 山月記第2話

Licho and Ensan had passed one of the most difficult tests to become government officials in the same year. Licho didn’t have many friends, but Ensan was one of them and the closest. The sound of soft crying could be heard from the tall grass. Ensan waited for an answer. After a while, a low voice answered. “You are right. I am Licho of Longxi.”
Ensan forgot his fear of the tiger and got off his horse to greet his long-lost friend. He asked why Licho would not come out from the grass. Licho answered, “I am not a human anymore. If you see me, you will fear and hate me. But can I ask you to forget my ugly appearance for just one moment and talk with me like you did before? As a friend?”
Later, Ensan wondered why he had not questioned this mysterious situation. But at that moment, he accepted his friend’s request. He asked “What happened to you?”
Licho said, “About a year ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and heard someone calling my name. So, I went outside to look. I heard the voice from within the darkness and I started running toward the voice.

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