Enjoy Simple English 2019/5/6 A&B @ Tanegashima Island 種子島

Enjoy Simple English 2019/5/6
Japan Without a Mapニッポンぶらり旅
A&B @ Tanegashima Island 種子島

Hey, Ben, wake up!
Argh. I’m sorry, I can’t drink anymore.
Where are we?
We’re on Tanegashima Island. Remember we took a ferry last night?
A ferry?
I’m Akito. Ben and I are a street performance duo. I think Ben had too much fun last night.
Did we really go on a ferry?
Yes, we did. You became friends with the other passengers and drank shochu with them for three and a half hours. That’s why you’re not feeling well.
Okay, okay. Don’t be so angry .Why are we on Tanegashima?
You forgot? You said you wanted to go to the “island of rockets.”
Oh, yeah. Let’s go check out the rockets.
Ben is always like this. He says things and then forgets about them.
The space center is closer than I thought.
That isn’t the space center. It’s the Gun Museum. People say the Portuguese brought guns to Tanegashima. They were the first guns in Japan.

Tanegashima Island 種子島
Huh? えっ?あれっ?
duo 2人組
passenger 乗客、船客
That’s why -, そういうわけで〜。
check out -, 〜を(よく)見る。確かめる
the Portuguese ポルトガル人
antique 時代を経た
Warring States period 戦国時代
government 政府
equator 赤道
spin 回転する

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