Enjoy Simple English 2021/4/19,26 (月) Stop Button

Enjoy Simple English 2021/4/19,26 (月) Stop Button
Thanks for waiting, Honey! You can press the start button now! Huh?
This is a really funny movie!
Hey! Why didn’t you wait for me? I asked you to press the stop button! I was only in the bathroom for a minute!
I’m sorry! I couldn’t wait.
But I recorded this movie!
Don’t worry, just use the rewind button! You can go back.
Life doesn’t have a rewind button.
What are you talking about?
You can’t rewind your life. There is no way to go back to the past. That is why you have to take it easy and sometimes stop. Do you get it?
Darling, are you feeling okay? Do you have a fever?
No, I’m perfectly fine! You see, on my way to work today, something happened…

You sir, in the white car, stop please!
Is that police officer talking to me? I didn’t break any rules.
Hello, sir.
Hello, Officer. I didn’t do anything!
That is the problem! You had to do something at that road back there, but you didn’t.
Did you see the stop sign?
No, Officer … But you see, I don’t usually take this road!
l’m afraid that isn’t a good reason. Let me see your driver’s license.
My wife is going to be so angry … Officer, l’m in a hurry to get to my office. Can you do this quickly?
It will only take a minute. Just take a deep breath and calm down.
You were lucky this time. You didn’t cause an accident today. But if a bicycle or someone were crossing the road…
Yes, Officer.
You know, I think these stop signs are not just about traffic rules.
What do you mean?
I think they’re telling us to pay more attention to our lives!
Husband Oh…

honey あなた(妻や夫などへの呼びかけ)
press ~を押す
Huh? 何だって。(驚き・疑問などを表す)
rewind button 巻き戻しボタン
rewind ~を巻き戻す
That is why -. そういう訳で〜。だから~。
take it easy 気楽にやる
Do you get it? わかったか。
darling あなた(夫婦などでの親密な呼びかけ)
okay 大丈夫
have a fever 熱がある
perfectly 完全に
sigh ため息をつく
on my way to -, ~への途中で
siren サイレン
officer / Officer 警官 / お巡りさん(警官への呼びかけ)
sir あなた(男性への呼びかけ)
break a rule 規則を破る
back there 後ろの方の
I’m afraid that -. (よくないことを言う時に)残念ですが、~。
driver’s license 運転免許証
in a hurry
take a deep breath 深呼吸をする
calm down 気持ちを落ち着ける
cause an accident 事故を起こす
You know, -. (事実の再確認で)いいかい、〜。
not just ~ 単に~ではなく
traffic rules 交通規則
pay attention to -, ~に注意を払う
with a peaceful mind 穏やかな心持ちで
that way そういうふうに
penalty 罰金
Be sure to -. 必ず〜しなさい。
take time 時間をかける
drive off 車で立ち去る
Wow. うわあ。(驚きを表す)
I wish I had -. ~がありさえすれば。