Enjoy Simple English 2021/4/12 (月) Coloring Book

Enjoy Simple English 2021/4/12 (月) Coloring Book
エンジョイ・シンプル・イングリッシュ 絵画教室

Oh, Nishikawa-san, what a fantastic blue sky! Your clouds look so real. Yamada-san, your leaves look great! Saki-chan! Look at my drawing next!
Nakagawa-san, please call me Suzuki Sensei during this drawing class!
Oops! Sorry, but I have always called you Saki-chan! Suzuki Sensei, could you look at my drawing?
Of course. Let’s see … Umm … No.
Huh? What do you mean, no? What’s wrong?
I told you before. Your pencil lines are too thick and dark. When you are painting with watercolors, you don’t want anyone to see the pencil lines you drew first.
Oh, I didn’t know that.
Argh! I told you many times, you know. Your work doesn’t look like a sketch for watercolors. It’s like a coloring book.
A coloring book?
Start again. Take out a new piece of paper.
Okay, okay … But it makes me remember.
Remember what?
Don’t you remember the coloring books, Saki-chan? You were already an artist back then!
Don’t call me Saki-chan!

coloring book 塗り絵帳
fantastic 素敵な
drawing 線画、スケッチ
Let’s see… ええっと。
Umm… ううん。(疑い・迷いを表す)
What do you mean, no? ダメってどういう意味なの。
thick (文字の線などが)太い, thin
watercolors 水彩絵の具
Argh! ああっ。(苛立ちを表す)
back then あの当時
professional illustrator プロのイラストレーター
good quality 上質の
used to -, 以前は〜したものだ
copy -, 〜をまねる
closely 注意して
that way そういうふうにすれば
until you get the color you want 望んだ色になるまで
That’s it for today!
had better -, ~したほうがいい(命令文に近い意味), should の方が、やわらかい