Enjoy Simple English 2021/4/15 (木) Why do we pay for plastic bags?

Enjoy Simple English 2021/4/15 (木) Why do we pay for plastic bags?

Dear Diary,
I went to a supermarket with my mom today. She forgot to bring her own eco-friendly shopping bag, so we had to buy the store’s plastic bag. Then I wondered … why do we have to pay for bags now? They used to be free!
If we don’t, fish in the ocean will die.
Fish will die? Why, Mom?
Oh … umm … I don’t know the details but…
Then the store’s manager passed by, so I decided to ask him!
Hello, Marie. How can I help you today?
Mom says that we have to buy bags now because fish will die if we don’t. Is that true?
So if we pay for the plastic bags, fish won’t die?
No, no, it’s more about using less plastic bags. You see, plastic products like plastic bottles and containers for takeout
food become trash in the ocean.
That isn’t true! My teacher taught us we recycle plastic bottles. They become sweaters!
You’re a good student! It’s true we recycle plastics now. As your teacher said, we can make clothes out of old plastic.

plastic bag ポリ袋(レジ袋など)
supermarket スーパー
eco-friendly 環境にやさしい
wonders ~かなと思う
used to -, 以前は~であった、よく〜したものだ
Oh…umm… ああ…ううん…(戸惑いを表す)
store’s manager 店長
pass by そばを通り過ぎる
How can I help you today? 今日はどんな用事かな。
it’s more about using less plastic bags. より大切なのは使うポリ袋の数を減らすことだよ。
product 製品
container 容器
takeout 持ち帰りの
trash ゴミ
recycle -, ~を再生利用する
It’s true (that) -. ~は本当だ。
make ~ out of … …から~を作る
burn ~を燃やす
electricity 電気
sea turtle 海ガメ
jellyfish クラゲ
stomach 胃袋
stop -ing ~するのをやめる
after a while しばらくして
hear of -, ~について聞いて知っている
less than 5 millimeters long 5mm未満の長さ
are broken into small pieces 砕けて粉々になる
not only -, ~だけではなく
terrible ひどい、恐ろしい
inside of me 私の体内に
reduce 減らす
reuse 再使用する
recycle 再生利用する
need to -, ~する必要がある
make sure – 必ず~するようにする
That is why -. そういう訳で~。
customer 客
reusable 再使用可能な