Enjoy Simple English 2021/4/22, 29 (木) Can I Go in a Black Hole?

Enjoy Simple English 2021/4/22, 29 (木) Can I Go in a Black Hole?

Dear Diary,
I was watching a TV show last night with my family. It was about black holes. The show said a black hole is a big hole in the universe. A hole in the universe? Impossible! But if it’s true, then
I want to see it and maybe go into it! But my dad said …

You can’t do that!
Why not?
Well … umm … You should ask your teacher.
So this morning I did.

Good morning, Marie.
Good morning, Ms. Sato. Can I go in a black hole?
Well … yes, you can go inside.
I can?
Yes, but you won’t be able to get out.
What do you mean?
Do you want to go into a big black hole or a small one?
The small one?
Okay. A black hole has the power to pull anything inside it. That power is stronger as you get closer to the center. The
distance from the edge to the center is short in a small black hole. So the power of the black hole is really strong from the
beginning. If someone tried to go into a small black hole, that person would be quickly pulled toward the center. They would become long and stretched out like a spaghetti noodle!
I don’t want to become a noodle! How about a big black hole?
Before I answer that question, do you know about a black hole in the galaxy called M87?
No, Ms. Sato.
Scientists from around the world worked together and they were able to take a photograph of its shadow in 2019. It’s a very, very big black hole. It weighs 6.5 billion times more than the sun.
If a black hole is really big, then maybe you can go inside it and travel toward the center.
It sounds exciting!
I thought so, too. But you can’t come back from that trip.
The center of the black hole is the strongest, remember? It has the power to crush anything. So, if you reached the center, your body would be crushed flat!
So the big black hole is dangerous, too! I am going to die in either of them. Can I at least see a black hole?

go in -, ~に入る
the universe 宇宙
impossible 不可能な、とてもあり得ない
go into -, ~に入る
Well… umm… ええっと…ううん。(思案する様子)
go inside -, (~の)中に入る
get out 外に出る
as you get closer to -, ~に近づくにつれて
If someone tried to ~, that person would be quickly pulled… They would…! (現実にはできないが)もし誰かが〜しようとすればその人はすぐに…に引っ張られて…になるだろう。
spaghetti noodle スパゲティのめん。
galaxy 銀河、星雲
take a photograph of -, 〜の写真を撮る
weigh 重さが〜ある
6.5 billion times more than -, ~より 65 億倍(重い)
crush ~を押しつぶす
in either of -, ~のどちらでも
at least少なくとも、せめて