Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/16 (2)The Father, the Son and the Donkey

Enjoy Simple English 2019/4/16 (2)The Father, the Son and the Donkey – 父親と息子とろば
Wisdom from the West 古典が語る西洋の知恵

The Father didn’t know what was right. He thought long and hard Then, he had an idea. They both got on top of the donkey. They walked some more, and now they were close to the market. Many people started pointing fingers at them. The Father stopped and asked one person, “Excuse me, is there something wrong?”
“Well, I feel sorry for the poor donkey. He is carrying both you and your son on his little back.”
Again, the father didn’t know what was right. Everyone told him different things. He thought and thought until he had a new plan.
“This must be the right thing to do.” They found a wooden stick and tied the donkey’s feet to it. So now, the Donkey was hanging upside down from a wooden stick. The father and son carried the stick on their shoulders and walked to the market Everyone laughed at them. As they were crossing a bridge to the market, one leg of the donkey became loose. The donkey kicked its feet and moved so much that it feli off the stick and into the river. The donkey’s feet were tied, so it died in the water. An old man saw everything. He said, “I hope this taught you a good lesson. If you try to make everyone happy, no one is happy.” Please all, and you will please none.

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