Enjoy Simple English -4月

Enjoy Simple English -4月

To all “Enjoy Simple English” users
This program is designed to familiarize you with the English language by listening to stories written in simple English for 5 minutes a day. Since its launch in 2014, we have been offering 20 stories in English every month. The program does not explain vocabulary or grammar. The goal is to understand English as it is in English through repeated listening.

It is said that a newborn baby listens to the words spoken by family members and others for about two years, accumulating the meaning and grammar of the words in its own language, and then one day it suddenly begins to speak. In the same way, it is important to accumulate the experience of “listening” when learning a foreign language. Even five minutes a day, continued daily, can have a big effect.

If there is something you don’t understand a little, don’t worry, just keep listening. In our daily communication, even if we don’t understand something, we understand it by grasping the general framework of the story and supplementing it with our experience and imagination. In this program, too, it is OK if you can grasp the gist of the story and enjoy the story. If you “read” the text before the broadcast, “listen” to it, and “read” it again afterward, you will be able to “read” it again. If you continue this cycle, you should be able to “hear” more.

This year, we will feature “Masterpieces FromAround the World” as a new work. The month of April is “Journey to the West”. The story will be told in a fast-paced manner with unique characters and dynamic scenes. Discovering Local Japan” will feature unique initiatives in various regions of Japan, as well as “The Best of Local Japan”. (Discovering Local Japan!)” will show you the charms of each region of Japan, including unique initiatives and services. We hope you will find this content useful in your daily English study, as you can deepen your knowledge while listening to English at the same time.