Eikaiwa Feel English-2023/4月 ごあいさつ

「英会話フィーリングリッシュ」-2023/4月 ごあいさつ
「データで選んだ推しフレーズ」 へようこそ!

I know basic grammar, but I can’t speak English…” “I watch English dramas, but I don’t understand the nuances of the dialogue…”
I watch English dramas, but I don’t understand the nuances of the dialogue…”
The new program, “English Conversation Feeling Lish: Recommended Phrases Selected from Data,” is designed to address these problems.
In this program, we will reveal the “feelings” of the phrases in English.

Even if you only know the literal translation of “I think…”, you don’t often have a chance to use this phrase. However, native speakers use “I think” a lot. Why is that?
It is because, as you may have often heard, “It might rain…” or “I am sure it will rain on that person’s birthday on April 3, 2011. Or, “I think that person’s birthday is on April 3…. I think” can be used when you are not sure about something, and you don’t want to make a definite decision.

If you know exactly how to use a phrase and when to use it, the phrase will come out of your mouth naturally and you will be able to understand the nuance of what native speakers are saying.
In order to help you understand the “English sentiment” of the phrases and use them as your own, the program and textbooks are full of examples of conversations, and you will be able to practice simulated conversations as well. We encourage you to try learning English by actually speaking it out loud. Please pick up the textbook and repeat the phrases over and over again.

The subtitle of this program is “Recommended Phrases Selected by Data. The phrases that will be covered in the one-year course are carefully selected based on a “corpus,” a big data set of more than 100 million words spoken by native speakers, and are truly the most frequently used phrases.
If you continue to study in this course, you will be amazed at how much your conversational ability will improve in a year’s time!
Let’s get started! Let’s get started!