実践ビジネス英語 2019/1/24 L20 (2) be prepared

実践ビジネス英語 2019/1/24 L20 (2) be prepared
24 木 Lesson20 Be Prepared (2)

Alvarez says most preppers try to be ready for immediate local concerns like earthquakes. And Salmans says grocery stores will soon be out of supplies if a disaster strikes. McMillan warns that there will be shortages of things like clean drinking water and first-aid supplies. Alvarez says she studied basic survival measures.

economic collapse 経済の崩壊
mentality 精神構造
Up at the top, Ueda says, “I can understand that mentality.” that attitude, that way of thinking.
Like lens that someone views the world through. One common example, unfortunately, is “victim mentality.” 被害者意識
You might say, “He needs to change his victim mentality. Constructive criticism is not an attack.”
Or, he always maintains a winning mentality. Anything is possible.
volcanic eruption 火山の噴火
Here again, we’re talking about actual volcanoes erupting. but we can also use volcanic about powerfully explosive emotion. She has a volcanic temper, for example.
supplies 必需品、生活用品
Items we need to function or survive in a certain situation. Office supplies, things needed to run an office, everything from pens and paper to desk chairs, file cabinets.
I like to browse in office supply stores, you know, look for things to organize my desk.
relief supplies. 救援物資 That’s another common term. The government sent relief supplies to the disaster area.
calamity 災難、惨事
grocery store shelves 食料品店の棚
In the middle, Salmans says, “Grocery store shelves will be bare in no time if there’s a natural disaster or pandemic.”
bare 空の、ガランとした
Empty, ah, nothing on them. We also have two common terms, also in disaster situations are the… bare necessities or bare essentials. 最低限の生活必需品
Just the fundamental things that we need. Imagine you have to take a sudden trip, you pack just the bare necessities, one change of clothes and some underwear.
bare bones 必要最小限の 飾り気のない
bare-bones 名、ガリガリに痩せた人  形容詞で、ガリガリに痩せた、必要最小限の(機能だけを備えた)
In no time 瞬時に
Very quickly, immediately. The system’s guy fixed my computer in no time. Or, he translated the letter in no time.
pandemic パンデミック
everyone for themselves だれもが自分のことしか考えない
No one will help anyone else or think about them, you know, they all have to take care of their own interests
first. An older version might be “Every man for himself.” Imagine, there’s a promotion on the line. You might say to a coworker, “Well, it’s everyone for themselves when there’s a promotion to be had. You have to be your own biggest cheerleader.” 人を持ち上げる人、おべっか使い
clean drinking water 清潔な飲料水
at a premium 異常に高い値段で、基調で
first-aid 救急の、応急の
There’s a two uses of first-aid, in this paragraph by McMillan. The first one is an adjective. So it’s got a hyphen.
And it’s referring to emergency medical treatment that we give someone who’s sick or hurt before they get full medical care. Most of us have first-aid kits in our homes.
If we saw someone hurt on the street, we might administer first aid. Now in that case, it’s a noun. And there is no hyphen.
first-aid kit 救急箱 first-aid station 応急の処置をしてくれるところ
be in short supply 不足している
wannabe なりたいと思っている人
want to be informalな使い方  Madonna wannabe マドンナの熱狂的なファン
Alvarez says, “I’ve taken courses in basic survival methods with other prepper wannabes.”
A wannabe aspires to be something or they wanna be like a certain person or thing.
A wannabe home buyer is interested in buying a home. They want to buy a home.
Or, that company is a wannabe company X. So they wanna be as big. They want the same kind of success.
wannabe telecommuter 在宅勤務をしたがっている人 (形容詞)
wanna =want a
Wanna drink? = Do you want a drink?
wanna =want to
I don’t wanna work. = I don’t want to work.
keep something on hand 何かを手元に置いておく
flashlight 懐中電灯
イギリス人は、electric torch 電気式のたいまつ
If you say, “torch” in America, people will imagine a burning stick of wood that you’re carrying perhaps as you chase Frankenstein.
toiletries 洗面用具、石鹸歯磨き粉
The supplies we use to clean or groom ourselves. So shampoo, shaving cream, facial, etc.

must-have 形容詞で、〈話〉持っておくべき、必携の、必需品の、なくてはならない、絶対手に入れたい、マストな

must-see movie 是非とも見るべき見逃せない映画
must-read best seller 必読のベストセラー
must-win game どうしても負けられない試合

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